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Water Quality and Supply

Regional Watershed Strategies

SANDAG coordinates activities related to stormwater management, watershed planning, and water supply demand forecasting.

Stormwater Management

SANDAG, through the Data and Information Management Technical Advisory Committee, is assisting member agencies with the coordination of data and information management strategies, development and analysis of regional databases and GIS layers, and the establishment of data standards and procedures related to the San Diego Municipal Stormwater Permit. SANDAG also provides various other types of technical assistance requested by its member agencies in regards to stormwater management, such as stormwater awareness surveys to provide baseline information for the development of public education and outreach programs.

Watershed Planning

SANDAG is encouraging watershed planning throughout the region by participating on a number of local watershed councils and providing technical and staff assistance where appropriate. SANDAG maintains a GIS database which can delineate information regarding soil types, land uses, topography, demographics and other data by watershed. This information is available to its member agencies and the public.

Water Supply Demand Forecasting

For nearly ten years, SANDAG and the County Water Authority have been working together to link future water supply needs with the forecasted growth within the region. The County Water Authority uses SANDAG's most recent regional growth forecasts for water supply planning purposes, and in turn provides recent information on the future supplies that will meet the growth forecasted for the region. This relationship ensures that the water demand projections for the San Diego region are linked with SANDAG's growth forecasts and that water supply is a component of SANDAG's overall growth management strategy.