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Criminal Justice

Regional Criminal Justice Research and Clearinghouse

SANDAG supports local criminal justice planning and policymaking by providing analyses of crime occurrence, crime trends, and responses to crime in the region. Current and historical information about crime patterns and prevention, and crime-reduction strategies are maintained.

The Clearinghouse provides the means to seek and secure research funds from state and federal sources to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of crime control programs. Assistance to member agencies occurs through various avenues: publishing crime and arrest reports, sharing resources and information, quality assurance studies of crime-related data, impact assessments of crime-reduction strategies, long-term evaluations of critical issues, and grant writing assistance for agencies seeking state and federal funding. Through the Clearinghouse, staff also conduct analyses of offender drug use. Please see our Clearinghouse fact sheet for additional information.

Criminal Justice Research Division staff responds daily to requests for crime-related information from elected officials, criminal justice administrators, community agency practitioners, the public, and the media. Crime-related databases are continually updated. To remain current in the field, information resources are maintained on a variety of justice issues, as well as potential state and federal funding sources for local criminal justice operations. On a monthly basis, data from more than 20 public safety agencies are compiled, quality-controlled, and analyzed. Additionally, staff participates as members of several local criminal justice related committees, councils, and strike forces.

Criminal Justice Flash Findings & Bulletins

The Criminal Justice Research Division provides brief monthly flash findings that report on current projects and other topics of interest to criminal justice agencies, school administrators, public officials, city and county administrators, social service and health agencies, and the general public. In addition, the Division also produces CJ Bulletins on arrests, crime, and arrestee drug use on an annual basis, along with other special bulletins. These monthly updates and CJ Bulletins are featured below in PDF format. Flash findings from previous years are available in our Criminal Justice Archive.

Current Crime Report

Thirty-Nine Years of Crime in the San Diego Region: 1980 through 2018

If you would like to receive the products by email as they are released, please contact Grace Mino at

Flash Findings


September 2019 - Volume 21 Issue 8
5 Facts from the Adult Substance Abuse Monitoring Report You May Want to Know

July 2019 - Volume 21 Issue 7
Four Things to Know from the 2018 Juvenile Substance Abuse Monitoring Study

June 2019 - Volume 21 Issue 6
Alternatives to Detention: Reducing Juvenile Detention and Involvement in the Justice System

May 2019 - Volume 21 Issue 5
Five Things to Know About Property Crime in the San Diego Region

April 2019 - Volume 21 Issue 4
Five Things to Know About Violent Crime in the San Diego Region, 2018

March 2019 - Volume 21 Issue 3
Hate Crime in the San Diego Region, 2018

February 2019 - Volume 21 Issue 2
Arrest Statistics for the San Diego Region: Jurisdictional Variation

January 2019 - Volume 21 Issue 1
Public Safety Budgets in the San Diego Region


December 2018 - Volume 20 Issue 11
A Look Back: Public Safety in the San Diego Region

November 2018 - Volume 20 Issue 10
Arrests in San Diego County 2017

September 2018 – Volume 20 Issue 9
Marijuana Use Among San Diego Arrestees: Results of Addendum Questions Post-Prop 64

August 2018 - Volume 20 Issue 8
Firearms and Crime: Statistics from UCR and the Substance Abuse Monitoring Program

July 2018 - Volume 20 Issue 7
Alcohol Use by San Diego County Arrestees

June 2018 - Volume 20 Issue 6
2007 to 2017 – Juvenile Justice System Changes and Substance Abuse Monitoring Data

May 2018 - Volume 20 Issue 5
Homicides in the San Diego Region 2017

April 2018 - Volume 20 Issue 4
Crime Victimization in the San Diego Region

March 2018 - Volume 20 Issue 3
Gang Association Among San Diego County Juvenile Arrestees: Interview Highlights

February 2018 - Volume 20 Issue 2
Arrests in the San Diego Region: Law Enforcement's Response to Crime

January 2018 - Volume 20 Issue 1
Public Safety Expenditures and Staffing in the San Diego Region in FY 2017


December 2017 - Volume 19 Issue 12
Drug Overdoses Among San Diego County Arrestees

November 2017 - Volume 19 Issue 11
FBI Violent Crime Statistics for California Cities

October 2017 - Volume 19 Issue 10
Recent Trends in Marijuana Use Among San Diego County Arrestees

September 2017 - Volume 19 Issue 9
Drug Use in the Adult Arrestee Population: Highlights from 2016

August 2017 - Volume 19 Issue 8
Mid-Year 2017 Crime Statistics

July 2017 - Volume 19 Issue 7
Heroin Use by San Diego County Arrestees

June 2017 - Volume 19 Issue 6
25 Girls: A Story of Young Females in Local Detention

May 2017 - Volume 19 Issue 5
Homicides in the San Diego Region 2016

April 2017 - Volume 19 Issue 4
10 Things to Know About Crime in the San Diego Region

March 2017 - Volume 19 Issue 3
Hate Crime in San Diego County

February 2017 - Volume 19 Issue 2
Drugged Driving - A Growing Public Health and Public Safety Concern

January 2017 - Volume 19 Issue 1
Human Trafficking Awareness Month


December 2016 - Volume 18 Issues 12
10 Arrest Statistic Facts From 2015

November 2016 - Volume 18 Issue 11
Law Enforcement Sworn Staffing in the San Diego Region

October 2016 - Volume 18 Issue 10
Prop 47: What Can We Learn From Those Who Have Ended Up Incarcerated Again?

September 2016 - Volume 18 Issue 9
An Update on Arrestees Who Report Being Homeless: How Do They Differ From Other Arrestees?

August 2016 - Volume 18 Issue 8
Mid-Year 2016 Crime Statistics Released for the San Diego Region

July 2016 - Volume 18 Issue 7
Changes in Attitudes and the Use of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Marijuana by Juvenile Arrestees

June 2016 - Volume 18 Issue 6
Spice - What Is It, Why Do People Use It, And What Can We Do About It?

May 2016 - Volume 18 Issue 5
Mental Health Calls For Service Continue to Increase - Possible Reasons and Possible Solutions from the Field

April 2016 - Volume 18 Issue 4
Tip the Scale: An Example of Innovative Collaboration Offering Recovery and Rehabilitation

March 2016 - Volume 18 Issue 3
San Diego Crime Rates Up In 2015, But Still at Historic Lows

February 2016 - Volume 18 Issue 2
JJCPA Funds Support Regional Collaboration to Prevent Juvenile Delinquency

January 2016 - Volume 18 Issue 1
Restorative Justice: What It Is And Why It Matters


December 2015 - Volume 17 Issue 12
The 12 CJ Stats of 2015

November 2015 - Volume 17 Issue 11
Arrests in 2014: Law Enforcement Response to Crime in the San Diego Region

October 2015 - Volume 17 Issue 10
October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

September 2015 - Volume 17 Issue 9
Mid-Year 2015 Crime Statistics: Are We Up or Down?

August 2015 - Volume 17 Issue 8
Heroin Use and Heroin-Related Deaths Are Up Nationally - What Do We Know About Heroin Use Among Local Arrestees

July 2015 - Volume 17 Issue 7
Proposition 47 and City Attorney Prosecutions

June 2015 - Volume 17 Issue 6
Alcohol Use Among Youth Interviewed at Juvenile Hall

May 2015 - Volume 17 Issue 5
Rape: Trends, Outreach, and Changing Definitions

April 2015 - Volume 17 Issue 4
35 Years of Crime in the San Diego Region: 1980 through 2014

March 2015 - Volume 17 Issue 3
Proposition 47: What Is It and What Are Some of the Effects Since It Passed?

February 2015 - Volume 17 Issue 2
Year in Review: Clearinghouse Update for 2014

January 2015 - Volume 17 Issue 1
How Have the Number and Type of Arrests in the San Diego Region Changed Over the Past Five Years?


December 2014 - Volume 16 Issue 12
Driving Under the Influence Arrests Down in 2013, But Still a Concern for Local Stakeholders

November 2014 - Volume 16 Issue 11
Homelessness Among San Diego Arrestees

October 2014 - Volume 16 Issue 10
Reentry and Personal Identification: Why It Matters and the Scope of the Issue Among San Diego County Arrestees

September 2014 - Volume 16 Issue 9
Property Crime Down Regionally for Each Category in First Half of 2014

August 2014 - Volume 16 Issue 8
Marijuana Use Up Among Juveniles Arrested in 2013

July 2014 - Volume 16 Issue 7
Meth Use Up Among Youth Booked Into Juvenile Hall in 2013

June 2014 - Volume 16 Issue 6
Youth in the Dependency and Delinquency Systems and the Importance of Trauma-Informed Care

May 2014 - Volume 16 Issue 5
Number of Sworn Officers Assaulted in San Diego County Increased for the Second Consecutive Year in 2013

April 2014 - Volume 16 Issue 4
Regional Crime Bulletin Preview: Violent Crime Back Down, Property Crime Relatively Stable in 2013

March 2014 - Volume 16 Issue 3
Mental Health Calls for Service to Law Enforcement Up: Possible Causes and Implications

February 2014 - Volume 16 Issue 2
A Quick Look: Who is in Our Jails and Under Probation Supervision Since Realignment

January 2014 - Volume 16 Issue 1
Targeting Cross-Border Drug-Related Violence in the San Diego Region

Flash findings (previously called CJ Fax) from previous years are available in our Criminal Justice Archive.

Project Manager

Dr. Cynthia Burke, Director, Criminal Justice Research Division
Phone: (619) 699-1910, Email:

For media inquiries, please contact the SANDAG Public Information Office at (619) 699-1950 or