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Housing Acceleration Program Grant: Cycle 1

In March 2022, the SANDAG Board of Directors approved funding for the initial cycle of projects under the Housing Acceleration Program. Copies of the successful grant applications and project descriptions for the seven planning projects that were awarded funding are available below.

Chula Vista ADU Assistance (City of Chula Vista) - $180,720
Program will provide assistance to local residents who are interested in constructing ADUs, by offering pre-approved ADU designs, planning software, and a one stop shop webpage with FAQs, the program will make ADU construction more affordable, faster, and easier than before.

Grant Application

Housing Feasibility Assessment for Smart Growth Areas (City of Del Mar) - $225,000

Project with compile Phase I information to study the feasibility of developing at least 54 affordable housing units, obtain expertise/consulting services to secure housing agreement with State 22nd District Agricultural Association. Also complete a Phase II feasibility study to understand what types of incentives maybe be needed to facilitate affordable housing production.

Grant Application

Housing Production Assistance (City of Encinitas) - $310,000

Update the City of Encinitas (City) Permit Ready ADU (PRADU) plans to meet the City's green building code update for 100% all electric new unit developments; retain contract principal planner discretionary plan review services to expedite housing production; and conduct a Displacement Risk Analysis Study to identify the local conditions that lead to displacement.

Grant Application

Together We Plan (City of National City) - $205,523
Program is focused on development within areas served by high-frequency transit. Program is an opt-in system for developers to use an alternate calculation method for the number of units proposed on a parcel, rather than putting a limit on dwelling units per acre. No single-family zones are proposed to be included in the opt-in method, mixed-use overlay zones and housing overlay zones would also be included.

Grant Application

San Diego Housing Acceleration Program (City of San Diego) - $ 500,000

City of San Diego - HAP accelerates the production of housing in transit rich areas through a combination of improving building permit processes and studying city-owned sites to evaluate feasibility for housing development.

Grant Application

Project-Level CEQA Analysis for Town Center Multifamily Housing Sites (City of Santee) - $264,000

Project rezones four large strategic sites consisting of approximately 37.5 undeveloped acres within the City's Town Center. Sites are strategically located within 1/4 mile of the City's trolley station/mobility hub, near retail and services, employment centers, and along the City's planned multi-modal corridor. Rezoning of these sites will produce approximately 923 housing units, including 333 housing units affordable to low-income households.

Grant Application

Objective Design Standards (County of San Diego) - $250,000

Create objective design standards to implement the Sixth Cycle Housing Element (Housing Element) and comply with State Law (SB 330, SB 35, and SB9). The grant will help facilitate the production of housing in unincorporated communities by establishing clear guidelines and decreasing plan review time for certain projects.

Grant Application