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Fifth Housing Element Cycle Resources

The fifth housing element cycle for the San Diego region will cover an eight-year time period from January 1, 2013, to December 31, 2020. Past housing elements covered a five-year period. Resources are available to assist local jurisdictions in the development of their housing elements.

On March 15, 2012, the California Department of Housing and Community Development conducted an informational workshop entitled “Updating the Housing Element – Planning for California’s Future” to provide:

• An overview of housing element law, housing legislation, and the housing element process, and
• Technical assistance to the local jurisdictions in their planning and preparation of the 2013-2020 housing elements.

Information from this workshop is available below:

HCD Housing Element Workshop - March 15, 2012

Workshop, March 15, 2012 – Audio | Presentation

Housing Element Best Practices Workshop - June 11, 2012

With the eighteen cities and County of San Diego updating the housing elements of their general plans by April 2013, the San Diego Association of Governments and San Diego Housing Federation held a best practices workshop to provide information about programs and policies being used in housing elements in the San Diego region and other areas of California.  This workshop highlighted programs and policies that may help local jurisdictions produce affordable housing in a more cost efficient manner.  The workshop was a “peer learning” opportunity that allowed jurisdiction staff, housing advocates, consultants, and other interested parties to learn about locally successful policies and programs, with the hope that they may be adopted by other jurisdictions in the region.  Below are links to the workshop agenda and the PowerPoint presentations made by the workshop speakers.

Density Bonus (Patrick Murphy, City of Encinitas)
CEQA infill exemptions/streamlining (John Bridges, AECOM)
Housing overlay district (Cesar Covarrubias, Kennedy Commission, Orange County)
Permit expedite program (Mike Westlake, City of San Diego)
Project-based Section 8 (Simonne Ruff, Corporation for Supportive Housing)
Parking requirements (Dan Normandin, City of San Diego)
Transit-oriented development (Debbie Ruane, San Diego Housing Commission; Bill Chopyk, City of La Mesa)
Education campaign (Andrea Geise, Poway Housing Solutions)

Project Manager

Coleen Clementson, Principal Planner
Phone: (619) 699-1944, Email:

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