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Comprehensive Land Use and Regional Growth Projects

TransNet Smart Growth Incentive Program: Cycle 4

The Cycle 4 TransNet Smart Growth Incentive Program (SGIP) included funding for Climate Action Planning, Capital projects, and Planning projects. On May 25, 2018, the SANDAG Board of Directors approved one Climate Action Planning grant for $150,000. On July 27, 2018, the SANDAG Board of Directors approved 12 planning grants to receive $4.5 million in funds. On October 26, 2018, the SANDAG Board of Directors approved 11 capital grants to receive a total of $22.2 million in funds. Brief descriptions and applications of all eligible projects, both funded and not funded, are available below in order of project ranking. View a list of all Cycle 4 projects funded.

SGIP Climate Action Plans - FUNDED

Climate Action Plan (El Cajon) - $150,000
Will complete the city's first CAP by conducting a benefit-cost analysis and completing a California Environmental Quality Act document to meet the requirements of CEQA Guidelines Section 15183.5. Once completed, the CAP will include a GHG emissions inventory, GHG emissions forecast and reduction targets, GHG emission reduction measures, implementation and monitoring steps, and public outreach efforts, including presence at community events, online media, and a resident leadership academy to support educational and outreach efforts. Grant funding will be used for the environmental document and the benefit cost analysis to inform the development of the CAP and allow for adoption of the qualified CAP. Application

SGIP Capital Projects - FUNDED

Roosevelt Avenue Smart Growth Revitalization Plan (National City) - $2,080,000
Will provide streetscape, lighting, signage, mobility options, urban greening, stormwater runoff and parking to encourage adjacent development and to improve this high visibility edge of downtown as seen from I-5. Will eventually support a multi-use path, shuttle system & angled parking on the west side. The highest densities allowed in Downtown National City occur between 8th Street and National City Boulevard. Application

Paseo Santa Fe Phase 3 (Vista) - $2,500,000
Will improve multi-modal mobility and reduce speeds to 20 miles per hour with a road diet, enhanced sidewalks and bus stops, roundabout, and pedestrian elements such as lighting, landscaping, furniture, permanent public art and street signs. Application

Downtown Mobility Cycle Way, Phases 1 and 2 (San Diego) - $2,500,000
Will improve bicycle infrastructure in downtown San Diego. The project scope will include street resurfacing, traffic striping, construction of 5.09 miles of Class IV (Cycle Track) which include curb ramps, raised median, angled parking conversion, and signal modification for bicycle signals. Application

El Cajon Transit Center Connections (El Cajon) - $2,500,000
Will revitalize the Transit District by creating a sense of place and providing a direct link to transit by installing elements that will encourage smart growth such as wide sidewalks, enhanced crosswalks, thematic lighting, LID basins, streets trees, site furniture, a roundabout, bulb-outs, signage, and Class I bikeway approaches along Johnson Ave. Application

Main Street/Green Street Gateway (El Cajon) - $2,500,000
Will revitalize the Main Street corridor into an attractive 'urban-forest' gateway, with tree-lined widened sidewalks and Class IV bikeways, LID planters, signage, thematic site furnishing, and lighting. Also, upgraded bike and pedestrian links to the transit center along Marshall will transform this corridor into an accessible and multi-modal avenue. Application

Connect Main Street, Phases 1 and 2 (Lemon Grove)- $2,500,000
Will implement Phases 1 and 2 of the SGIP-funded Connect Main Street Plan, constructing pedestrian and bicycle facilities from Broadway to San Miguel. Will enhance the north/south movement of people walking/biking by implementing a street conversion, decomposed granite, pedestrian trail, shared-use path, pedestrian crosswalks, bulb outs, lighting, and landscape features. Application

Third Avenue Streetscape Improvement Project (TASIP), Phase 3 (Chula Vista) - $2,500,000
Will install traffic calming measures from 100+/- feet north of F Street (end of Phase II) to E Street. Proposed measures include, but are not limited to medians, bulb-outs and decorative pavers; expanded bicycle parking; marked bicycle routes; drought tolerant landscaping; street trees; energy-efficient lighting; wayfinding/informational signs; and street furnishings. Application

Downtown Wayfinding/Cycle Network (San Diego) - $220,000
Will include the installation new wayfinding signs that complements the recently completed downtown wayfinding system. Will include adding signage for the new cycle network to be installed throughout downtown. Will facilitate an experience that will promote cycling and provide directional and destination signage for residents, visitors, and workers to access the new cycle network. Application

Sweetwater Protected Bikeway (National City) - $2,500,000
Will provide nearly 1.2 miles of protected bike facilities along Sweetwater Road and extend the Class 1 bike path on Plaza Bonita Road to Sweetwater Road (0.4 miles). Will include a road diet, bicycle-friendly intersection improvements, and pedestrian enhancements. The proposed bicycle facilities will directly link the City's bike network to the regional network. Application

East Village Green Park, Phase 1 (San Diego/Civic San Diego) - $1,039,748
East Village Green Park is a proposed 4.1-acre multi-block community park located in the East Village Neighborhood of Downtown. Phase 1 improvements will consist of 1.2 acres of new parkland including a community center, 2 cafes, children's play area, performance pavilion, open lawn, games area, interactive fountain, dog park, relocation of two locally historic buildings, and street enhancements. Application

Grand Avenue Complete Streets Improvement Project, Phase 1 (Road Diet, Environmental) (Escondido) - $1,443,161
Will create a pedestrian-friendly, aesthetically appealing streetscape in the heart of Escondido's historic Town Center to enhance the vibrancy of downtown. Lane reduction on Grand Avenue will provide the opportunity to widen sidewalks to expand outdoor dining; install curb bulb-outs to reduce pedestrian crossing distances and calm traffic; add diagonal parking; and enhance pedestrian-scale lighting. Application

SGIP Capital Projects - NOT FUNDED

8th Street Transit Center Mobility Hub (National City) – $2,175,945
Would implement the recommended mobility hub features identified in the SANDAG Regional Mobility Hub Implementation Strategy (2017) for the 8th Street Transit Center. Would also construct streetscape improvements on 8th Street, pedestrian improvements at the intersection of Harbor Drive and 8th Street and a new pedestrian and bike connection to Naval Base San Diego. Application

National City Wayfinding and Urban Trails (National City) – $1,376,948
Would expand the recently implemented wayfinding signage program to inform residents and guests of key points of interest. Would include the installation of new wayfinding/gateway signs on the main corridors and urban trails of National City located in existing/planned Smart Growth Opportunity Areas such as Highland Avenue, 8th Street, 18th Street and 30th Street. Application

Grand Avenue Complete Streets Improvement Project, Phase 2 (Roundabout and Pedestrian Crossing) (Escondido) - $1,443,161
Would create a pedestrian-friendly, aesthetically appealing streetscape in the heart of Escondido's historic Town Center to enhance the vibrancy of downtown. A new roundabout at Broadway and Grand would allow for lane reduction and provide the opportunity to widen sidewalks to expand outdoor dining; install curb bulb-outs to reduce pedestrian crossing distances and calm traffic. Application

La Mesa Downtown Village Streetscape Improvements, Phase 2 (La Mesa) – $2,065,800
Would revitalize the La Mesa Downtown Village, by complementing the improvements completed in Phase I, enhancing the sense of place and walkability. Would include new sidewalks, curb ramps, enhanced crosswalks, curb extensions, pedestrian scale decorative lighting, street trees, a gateway sign, and street furniture. A trolley signal coordination system would also be proposed within the area.  Application

Grossmont Center Drive Bridge Sidewalk and Bicycle Improvements (La Mesa) – $2,085,900
Would fill a gap in the City of La Mesa pedestrian network by constructing a sidewalk on the west side of the Grossmont Center Drive Bridge, connecting people walking to important transit, retail, public health, recreational, and residential centers. The bridge would be widened to current standards, including bike lanes, with HBRRP funds, but requires additional funding to cover sidewalk construction. Application

San Diego River Trail/Town Center (Santee) – $2,460,525
Would design and construct a 14-foot-wide, lit, Class I bikeway and pedestrian path in the heart of the Town Center development. Would serve a number of user types due to its location in Town Center and adjacency to the San Diego River, and also the auto-separated connection would provide cyclists between Santee Trolley Square and an arterial roadway. Application

Highland Avenue Mobility Mini-Hubs - Declined Funding (National City) - $1,863,665
Would implement Mobility Mini-Hubs at the fourteen (14) busiest bus stops along Highland Avenue, as measured by average daily boardings. Each of the fourteen stops would receive mobility hub features applicable to the particular stop's location, surrounding context, and available space. Features would include bike parking, cell phone charging ports, and bike fixit stations. Application

F Street Promenade, Phase 1 (Chula Vista) – Withdrawn - $2,500,000
Phase 1 is the first segment of an overall 1.25-mile project that would include street and sidewalk improvements to enhance the corridor through the reduction of vehicular travel lanes, a traffic round-about on the west end, addition of a 12-foot wide multi-use paths, unified landscaped parkways, extended curb returns at intersections, enhanced paving, pedestrian-scale lighting, and sit furnishings. Application

SGIP Planning Projects FUNDED

College Area Smart Growth Study (CASGS) (San Diego) - $500,000
Will identify, analyze and provide recommendations for nodes and corridors with smart growth development potential within the College Area community. Will result in draft land use scenarios for these smart growth opportunity areas (SGOAs), as well as mobility improvement concepts, urban design concepts, recommendations, and policies. Application

24th Street Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Overlay (National City) - $500,000
Will comprehensively analyze the study area surrounding the 24th Street Transit Center to plan a new vision for the area to include transit-supportive land use, improved mobility and parking options, and an enhanced public realm. Will result in a general plan amendment, rezone, smart growth and public mobility improvements, and program-level environmental clearance. Application

University Community Smart Growth Study (San Diego) - $500,000
Will support the basic principles of smart growth by building upon the community’s role as a major employment, retail, education and housing center interconnected by an expanding regional transportation system. Application

E Street Greenway Master Plan (San Diego/Civic San Diego) – $110,000
Will develop a master plan for E Street Greenway, a linear park that will expand much needed open space in the City of San Diego's densest community and provide a safe pedestrian connection from the Gaslamp Quarter through the East Village neighborhood. The Greenway will contain widened pedestrian paths, enhanced landscaping and place-making opportunities. Application

Mira Mesa TOD Concept Plan (San Diego) - $500,000
Will produce a land use strategy to support transit/mobility hubs within the Sorrento Mesa and Miramar Road employment areas and the SGOAs along Mira Mesa Blvd./Black Mountain Road. Will consider higher densities, formulate policies, and provide urban design illustrations within the SGOAs. Application

Smart Growth General Plan Update (GPU) /Climate Action Plan (CAP) Program Environmental Impact Report (PEIR) (Lemon Grove) - $262,290
Will prepare a Program Environmental Impact Report (PEIR) for the City’s General Plan Update (GPU), Downtown Specific Plan, and Climate Action Plan (CAP) as an element in the GPU. Will include additional technical support for the GPU and CAP leading up to the PEIR. These three planning efforts will expedite the City’s implementation of smart growth projects through the CEQA review process. Application

Coastal Rail Trail Extension (Oceanside) - $400,000
Will extend the existing Coastal Rail Trail limits in the City of Oceanside by creating a Class I bicycle and pedestrian path that spans across the Alta Loma Marsh between Oceanside Boulevard and Morse Street. This connection will improve pedestrian and bicycle mobility and create a relatively safe route for pedestrians and bicyclists between North and South Oceanside. Application

Clairemont TOD Design Concepts (San Diego) - $500,000
Will create draft design concepts and draft policies for potential Transit Oriented Development (TOD) at SGOAs within Clairemont. Will illustrate potential streetscape designs, pedestrian, bicycle and transit improvements, transit hubs, and building form through 2D and 3D renderings and illustrations. Application

Valley Center Community Plan Update (CPU), Special Study, and Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (SEIR) (San Diego County) - $325,000
Will update the content and broaden the scope of the existing community plan by focusing on land use refinements; diversifying mobility and housing options; connecting community services; and simplifying/streamlining development review processes. Will also coordinate with a Caltrans funded study on potential vehicular and non-vehicular improvements to the central portion of Valley Center Road and include an SEIR. Application

Complete Streets Design Manual (La Mesa) - $169,801
Will evaluate the City’s existing Complete Streets policies, update them as needed, and integrate them with engineering design principles in one easy-to-use, Complete Streets Integrated Design Manual. By integrating Complete Streets policies with engineering requirements, the City will ensure that Complete Streets policies will be applied to every development project. Application

Casa de Oro Specific Plan (San Diego County) - $500,000
Will develop a Specific Plan for the Campo Road corridor, in the community of Casa de Oro, including a form-based-code and design guidelines, and will establish a framework to guide future private investment to transform the area into an inviting, compact, walkable and bikeable environment. Campo Road is prime for more compact, higher density development, and good community-oriented design. Application

Alpine Community Plan Update (CPU) Implementation and Financing Tools (San Diego County) - $300,000
Will enhance the effectiveness of the community plan by identifying potential funding tools and mechanisms for implementation of plan recommendations. Will refine costs associated with plan recommendations, identify potential funding/financing mechanisms, include additional outreach to identify and coordinate potential partnerships, and provide technical support in financing tool execution. Application

SGIP Detailed Scoring Sheets

Both programs used a 'sum of rank' scoring approach, detailed in the staff reports (See item 9 for SGIP Capital and item 17 for SGIP Planning in the SANDAG Board of Directors meeting agendas) that contains the draft rankings and funding recommendations. View the detailed scoring sheets for the SGIP Capital and SGIP Planning.
If you have questions, please contact Tracy Ferchaw of SANDAG at or (619) 699-1977.

SGIP Application Documents (Application period has closed)

SGIP – Capital and Planning 

SGIP – CAPs and Complete Streets 

ATGP – Capital and Non-Capital

SGIP – Capital and Planning

SGIP Capital – Eligible Projects (PDF)

SGIP Capital – Scoring Matrix (PDF)

SGIP Capital – Application Form (Fillable PDF)

SGIP Capital – Scoring Instructions – Reference Document (PDF)

SGIP Capital – Criteria B2, C1, and C2 (Excel)

SGIP Planning – Eligible Projects (PDF)

SGIP Planning – Scoring Matrix (PDF)

SGIP Planning – Application Form (Fillable PDF)

SGIP Planning – Scoring Instructions – Reference Document (PDF)

SGIP Climate Action Plans

SGIP – CAP Scoring Matrix 

SGIP – CAP Application Form (Fillable PDF)

Complete Streets

SGIP – Complete Streets Scoring Matrix 

SGIP – Complete Streets Application Form (Fillable PDF)

ATGP – Capital and Non-Capital

ATGP Capital – Eligible Projects (PDF)

ATGP Capital – Scoring Matrix (PDF)

ATGP Capital – Application Form (Fillable PDF)

ATGP Capital – Scoring Instructions – Reference Document (PDF)

ATGP Non-Capital – Eligible Projects (PDF)

ATGP Non-Capital – Scoring Matrix (PDF)

ATGP Non-Capital – Application Form (Fillable PDF)

ATGP Non-Capital – Scoring Instructions – Reference Document (PDF)

Documents Common to All Applications

Applicant Statement Form (PDF) 

Sample Resolution (Word)

Grant Agreement Template (PDF) 

Scope, Schedule, and Budget (Excel) 

Project Manager

Tracy Ferchaw, Associate Grant Analyst
Phone: (619) 699-1977, Email:

For media inquiries, please contact the SANDAG Public Information Office at (619) 699-1950 or