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Public Transit

High-Speed Rail Plan

The California High-Speed Rail Authority (Authority) is the state agency responsible for planning, constructing, and operating a high-speed train system serving California's major metropolitan areas, including San Diego.

The proposed system stretches over 800 miles and would connect San Diego, Los Angeles, the Central Valley, San Francisco, and Sacramento. San Diego would be connected from Los Angeles via the Inland Empire. High-speed train (HST) service along the Inland Corridor would parallel Interstates 215 and 15 and extend south to downtown San Diego.  HST service on the coastal corridor would extend no further south than Anaheim, as a result of environmental constraints along the coast and in coastal communities between South Orange County and San Diego.  Between Los Angeles and Irvine, HST service would share the corridor with existing Amtrak intercity service, Metrolink commuter rail service, and freight.

SANDAG has formally monitored the Authority’s work since 1999. The SANDAG Transportation Committee receives periodic updates on the planning associated with the high-speed rail effort.

SANDAG, the Authority, Southern California Association of Government, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, Riverside County Transportation Commission, and San Bernardino Association of Governments, have approved a Memorandum of Understanding to work cooperatively on technical studies to advance the Los Angeles to San Diego via Inland Empire HST Corridor. The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority is a participating agency. Together, these agencies make up the Southern California Inland Corridor Group and serve as a catalyst between state and regional transportation policies and projects.

In March 2011, the Authority released the Preliminary Alternatives Analysis for the Los Angeles to San Diego via Inland Empire corridor. This document proposes to study two alternative alignments in San Diego County: (1) from the I-15 corridor west to University City and the LOSSAN rail corridor and (2) from the I-15 corridor via SR 163, I-8, and I-5. Station locations in San Diego County are proposed at Escondido and the Airport Intermodal Transportation Center at San Diego International Airport.