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Shoreline Management

The San Diego region's beaches are important environmental and economic assets. The beaches provide wonderful recreational opportunities to residents and visitors, and are a vital component of the important tourism and recreation sectors of our economy.

Current Shoreline Management Projects

Nearshore Habitat Inventory

Serves as a clearinghouse for data and projects affecting nearshore resources.

Regional Shoreline Monitoring Program

Measures the changes in beach width over time, documents the benefits of sand replenishment projects, and helps improve the design and effectiveness of beach fills.

Sand Compatibility and Opportunistic Use Program

Provides protocols and templates for a generic regional opportunistic sand program for California.

Coastal Regional Sediment Management Plan

Seeks consensus driven regional sediment management guidance and policy.

Past Shoreline Management Projects

2001 Regional Beach Sand Project

Placed sand on 12 local beaches in 2001.

2012 Regional Beach Sand Project

Placed sand on 8 local beaches in 2012.