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Public Transit

Mid-Coast Corridor Transit Project Supplemental Environmental Reports

Environmental Review of Mid-Coast Trolley Impacts to San Diego Fairy Shrimp

SANDAG has prepared a supplemental environmental document for the Mid-Coast Trolley project that evaluates a previously unidentified impact to San Diego fairy shrimp, a federally listed endangered species. Called the Mid-Coast Corridor Transit Project Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement/Supplement to the Subsequent Environmental Impact Report (Supplement), this document discloses project impacts to San Diego fairy shrimp that were detected adjacent to the existing railroad tracks during surveys in 2014. The Supplement also identifies proposed mitigation.

The Supplement will be available for a 45-day public review and comment period from July 18 to September 2, 2014. Comments during this review period must be limited to the analysis of impacts to the fairy shrimp.

Mid-Coast Corridor Transit Project SEIS - Supplement to the SEIR
Report only
Appendices A-C only


The public comment period for the Mid-Coast Corridor Transit Project Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement/Subsequent Environmental Impact Report concluded on July 17, 2013. 

The document identifies potential impacts that may result from the implementation of the project, as well as proposed mitigation measures to address impacts.

To facilitate public comment on the document, SANDAG hosted four public meetings and one public hearing during June 2013 in locations throughout the Mid-Coast Corridor. These meetings provided an opportunity for the public to learn more about the project and offer comments.

Draft SEIS/SEIR (Volume 1 & 2)

Mid-Coast Corridor Transit Project Draft SEIS/SEIR Volume 1 and Volume 2

Draft SEIS/SEIR Volume 1

Volume 1 - Mid-Coast Corridor Transit Project Draft SEIS/SEIR

Cover, Title Page, Abstract, Table of Contents, Acronyms
Executive Summary

Chapter 1 - Purpose and Need
Chapter 2 - Alternatives Considered
Chapter 3 - Transportation Impacts

Chapter 4 - Environmental Analysis, Consequences, and Mitigation
Section 4.1 - Land Use Plans and Policies
Section 4.2 - Community and Neighborhoods
Section 4.3 - Socioeconomic and Fiscal Impacts
Section 4.4 - Visual Resources and Aesthetics
Section 4.5 - Air Quality
Section 4.6 - Climate Change
Section 4.7 - Noise and Vibration
Section 4.8 - Ecosystems and Biological Resources
Section 4.9 - Water Resources
Section 4.10 - Hazardous Materials
Section 4.11 - Geotechnical and Seismic Conditions
Section 4.12 - Energy
Section 4.13 - Safety and Security
Section 4.14 - Electromagnetic Interference
Section 4.15 - Historic, Archaeological, and Paleontological Resources
Section 4.16 - Utilities
Section 4.17 - Construction Impacts
Section 4.18 - Growth-Inducing Impacts
Section 4.19 - Cumulative Impacts
Section 4.20 - Environmental Justice
Section 4.21 - Other National Environmental Policy Act and California Environmental Quality Act Considerations
Section 4.22 - Anticipated Permits

Chapter 5 - Section 4(f) Evaluation
Chapter 6 - Cost and Financial Analysis
Chapter 7 - Evaluation of Alternatives
Chapter 8 - Public Outreach, Agency Consultation and Coordination

References, List of Preparers, List of Recipients

Appendix A - List of Technical Reports in Support of Draft SEIS/SEIR
Appendix B - Notice of Intent, Notice of Preparation
Appendix C - Correspondence
Appendix D - Draft Memorandum of Agreement

Draft SEIS/SEIR Volume 2

Volume 2 - Mid-Coast Corridor Transit Project Draft SEIS-SEIR

Draft SEIS/SEIR Technical Reports and Technical Memorandums

Air Quality Impacts Technical Report

Biological Resources Technical Report
Appendix A-E

Capital Cost Methodology and Estimate Report

Construction Impacts Technical Report

Economic and Fiscal Impacts Technical Report

Electromagnetic Field Impacts Technical Report

Energy Impacts Technical Report

Environmental Justice Technical Report

Evaluation of Voigt Drive Alignment Options Technical Memorandum

Financial Plan

Geotechnical, Geologic, and Seismic Impacts Technical Report

Hazardous Materials Technical Report
Appendix A 
Appendix B1
Appendix B2
Appendix B3
Appendix B4
Appendix B5
Appendix B6
Appendix B7
Appendix C1
Appendix C2
Appendix D

Historic Property Effects Report

Historic Property Survey and Eligibility Determination Report
Appendix A-D
Appendix E
Appendix F

Jutland Drive Station Feasibility Study Technical Memorandum

Land Use Impacts Technical Report

Noise and Vibration Impacts Technical Report

Operating and Maintenance Cost Methodology and Estimate Report

Paleontological Survey Report

Property Acquisitions Impact Technical Report

Safety and Security Impacts Technical Report

Social, Community, and Neighborhood Impacts Technical Report

Transportation Impacts and Mitigation Report
Appendix A-K

Travel Forecasting Results Report

Veterans Administration Medical Center Station Feasibility Study Technical Memorandum

Visual Impacts Technical Report

Water Impact Analysis Technical Report

Project Manager

Leslie Blanda, Project Development Program Manager
Phone: (619) 699-6907, Email:

For media inquiries, please contact David Hicks at (619) 699-6939 or

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