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Public Transit

Downtown Bus Stopover and Multiuse Facility

On June 24, 2016, the SANDAG Board of Directors will consider adoption of a Resolution making findings that no further CEQA review of the proposed downtown Multiuse and Bus Stopover Facility project at Site A is required. The CEQA Appendix N Checklist and supporting technical appendices can be viewed at the following links:

Appendix A: Infill Consistency Matrix
Appendix B: Air Quality and Green House Gases Technical Analysis
Appendix C: Cultural Resources Technical Report
Appendix D: Geotechnical and Geologic Constraints Evaluation
Appendix E: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Study
Appendix F: Hydrology and Water Quality Evaluation
Appendix G: Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment
Appendix H: Traffic Impact Study
Appendix I: Height Limit Memorandum


The proposed bus stopover and multiuse facility would provide an off-street location in Downtown San Diego where transit vehicles can be parked for short periods between runs. In conjunction with the stopover, the facility could also provide future office space for SANDAG and other tenants as part of a mixed-use development project including office, retail, and residential space. This stopover is needed to maintain bus schedules and to provide a location where transit operators can rest at the start and conclusion of routes.

Project Location

As part of the planning process, SANDAG conducted an exhaustive search and identified five potential sites which could meet accommodate a stopover facility. A screening evaluation based on operational needs and minimizing impacts to surrounding neighborhoods identified two sites in Downtown San Diego’s Civic Core as the most suitable for the facility. This part of downtown is currently zoned for government uses. The first potential site is on a block bounded by A Street, Union Street, B Street, and State Street. The second potential site is bounded by A Street, Front Street, B Street, and Union Street.

For information on the proposed locations, see the fact sheet.

Project Need

The goal of the stopover is to provide a permanent off-street location for buses to park between runs, to establish a central location for driver breaks, and to free up on-street parking spaces and preserve existing ones. The project would accommodate existing local bus routes and Rapid services that currently park on the street in western downtown, thereby making more on-street parking available to residents and businesses. The potential multiuse concept for the facility is based on the goal of reducing SANDAG office costs and providing a Transit Oriented Development (TOD) including residential and retail components.

For information on project features, see the fact sheet.

Project Status

SANDAG is conducting due diligence on the two proposed sites and will present the results of this effort to the SANDAG Board of Directors in 2016.

Project Costs

Approximately $16 million has been allocated to the project from TransNet, the voter approved half-cent sales tax for transportation projects administered by SANDAG.

Project Manager

Richard Chavez, Principal Transportation Engineer
Phone: (619) 699-6989, Email:

For media inquiries, please contact Helen Gao at (619) 699-1950 or