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Energy and Climate Change

Energy Roadmap Program for Local Governments

The SANDAG Energy Roadmap Program provides free energy assessments and energy management plans, or “energy roadmaps,” to SANDAG member agencies. Each energy roadmap provides a framework for a local government to reduce energy use in municipal operations and in the community, and can result in economic savings and environmental benefits.

Within the energy roadmap are eight general categories:

1. Saving Energy in City Buildings and Facilities
2. Demonstrating Emerging Energy Technologies
3. Greening the City Vehicle Fleet
4. Developing Employee Knowledge of Energy Efficiency
5. Promoting Commuter Benefits to City Employees
6. Leveraging Planning and Development Authority
7. Marketing Energy Programs to Local Residents and Businesses
8. Supporting Green Jobs and Workforce Training

Upon receiving their energy roadmap, SANDAG will assist municipalities in developing projects and/or programs presented in the eight general categories. Implementing appropriate activities within local communities and government operations will likely result in:

• Reduced government spending on utility bills and gasoline
• Integration of sustainability, energy efficiency, and emission reductions into general plans
• Qualifications to participate in future funding opportunities related to energy efficiency
• Increased investment in community energy efficiency

The Energy Roadmap Program is a collaboration between SANDAG and San Diego Gas & Electric. It is funded primarily by California utility customers under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission. Transportation components of the program are funded by SANDAG. The roadmap program was developed with the help of the Energy Working Group and three pioneering cities: Carlsbad, Poway, and Solana Beach. These cities served as early pilots in energy management planning, which became the roadmap program in 2010.

All cities are now participating. Completed energy roadmaps and the three pilot reports are available to view below:

City of Carlsbad Energy Program Pilot, 2006
City of Chula Vista Energy Roadmap, 2012
City of Coronado Energy Roadmap, 2012
City of Del Mar Energy Roadmap, 2013
City of El Cajon Energy Roadmap, 2013
City of Encinitas Energy Roadmap, 2011
City of Escondido Energy Roadmap, 2012
City of Imperial Beach Energy Roadmap, 2011
City of La Mesa Energy Roadmap, 2013
City of National City Energy Roadmap, 2012
City of Oceanside Energy Roadmap, 2012
City of Poway Energy Program Pilot, 2009
City of San Marcos Energy Roadmap, 2011
City of Santee Energy Roadmap, 2011
City of Solana Beach Energy Program Pilot, 2009
City of Vista Energy Roadmap, 2012

Project Manager

Susan Freedman, Senior Regional Energy Planner
Phone: (619) 699-7387, Email:

For media inquiries, please contact David Hicks at (619) 699-6939 or