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Comprehensive Land Use and Regional Growth Projects

Smart Growth Concept Map

In 2004, SANDAG adopted the Regional Comprehensive Plan (RCP) for the San Diego region. The RCP provides a vision for the region based on smart growth and sustainability. A key implementation action of the RCP has been the development of a Smart Growth Concept Map (SGCM) illustrating the location of existing, planned, and potential smart growth areas.

Since SANDAG accept the first SGCM in 2006, regular updates have been conducted. In October 2014, the Board accepted the most recent technical update of the concept map, which contains more than 200 locations in seven smart growth categories identified in the RCP. The seven smart growth “place types” include: the Metropolitan Center, Urban Centers, Town Centers, Community Centers, Rural Villages, Mixed Use Transit Corridors, and Special Use Centers, reflecting the notion that smart growth is not a “one-size-fits-all” endeavor. The Smart Growth in the San Diego Region brochure provides descriptions of these areas. More details about the map are available here.

Visual simulations of smart growth are available and illustrate how communities could be transformed by smart growth development and transit-friendly designs. The Smart Growth Photo Library provides pictures of existing smart growth development projects in areas on the Smart Growth Concept Map. A complete set of pictures is available for $15 and can be ordered through our Publications Order Form.

Regional Scale Map - October 2014

San Diego Region Smart Growth Concept Map

Subregional Scale Maps, Corresponding Site Descriptions, and Listing of Smart Growth Areas - October 2014

North County
North City and North County
Mid-City and East County
South County

Site Descriptions (by jurisdiction)
Listing of Smart Growth Areas (by place type)

Project Manager

Carolina Ilic , Senior Regional Planner
Phone: (619) 699-1989, Email:

For media inquiries, please contact David Hicks at (619) 699-6939 or

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