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Board of Directors

SANDAG is governed by a Board of Directors composed of mayors, councilmembers, and county supervisors from each of the region's 19 local governments.

SANDAG Board of Directors meeting schedules and agendas are available at Comprehensive information on elected officials, representatives, and government agencies that serve the San Diego region is available at the San Diego County Registrar of Voters.

SANDAG Board of Directors as of August 29, 2014

Hon. Jack Dale

First Vice Chair
Hon. Jim Janney

Second Vice Chair
Hon. Don Higginson

Executive Director
Gary L. Gallegos

City of Carlsbad
Hon. Matt Hall, Mayor
(A) Hon. Michael Schumacher, Councilmember
(A) Hon. Lorraine Wood, Councilmember

City of Chula Vista
Hon. Cheryl Cox, Mayor
(A) Hon. Pamela Bensoussan, Deputy Mayor
(A) Hon. Rudy Ramirez, Councilmember

City of Coronado
Hon. Michael Woiwode, Councilmember
(A) Hon. Al Ovrom, Councilmember
(A) Hon. Casey Tanaka, Mayor

City of Del Mar
Hon. Terry Sinnott, Councilmember
(A) Hon. Lee Haydu, Mayor
(A) Hon. Al Corti, Deputy Mayor

City of El Cajon
Hon. Bill Wells, Mayor
(A) Hon. Gary Kendrick, Councilmember

City of Encinitas
Hon. Lisa Shaffer, Councilmember
(A) Hon. Teresa Barth, Councilmember
(A) Hon. Tony Kranz, Deputy Mayor

City of Escondido
Hon. Sam Abed, Mayor
(A) Hon. Ed Gallo, Councilmember
(A) Hon. John Masson, Councilmember

City of Imperial Beach
Hon. Jim Janney, Mayor
(A) Hon. Ed Spriggs, Councilmember
(A) Hon. Brian Bilbray, Councilmember

City of La Mesa
Hon. Kristine Alessio, Vice Mayor
(A) Hon. Ruth Sterling, Councilmember
(A) Hon. Mark Arapostathis, Councilmember

City of Lemon Grove
Hon. Mary Teresa Sessom, Mayor
(A) Hon. Jerry Jones, Mayor Pro Tem
(A) Hon. George Gastil, Councilmember

City of National City
Hon. Ron Morrison, Mayor
(A) Hon. Luis Natividad, Vice Mayor
(A) Hon. Alejandra Sotelo-Solis, Councilmember

City of Oceanside
Hon. Jack Feller, Councilmember
(A) Hon. Gary Felien, Councilmember
(A) Hon. Jerry Kern, Councilmember

City of Poway
Hon. Don Higginson, Mayor
(A) Hon. Jim Cunningham, Councilmember
(A) Hon. John Mullin, Councilmember

City of San Diego
Hon. Kevin Faulconer, Mayor
(A) Hon. Marti Emerald, Councilmember
(A) Hon. Myrtle Cole, Councilmember

Hon. Todd Gloria, Council President
(A) Hon. Sherri Lightner, Councilmember
(A) Hon. Lorie Zapf, Councilmember

City of San Marcos
Hon. Chris Orlando, Councilmember
(A) Hon. Jim Desmond, Mayor
(A) Hon. Rebecca Jones, Vice Mayor

City of Santee
Hon. Jack Dale, Councilmember
(A) Hon. John Minto, Councilmember
(A) Hon. Rob McNelis, Vice Mayor

City of Solana Beach
Hon. Lesa Heebner, Deputy Mayor
(A) Hon. Mike Nichols, Councilmember
(A) Hon. David A. Zito, Councilmember

City of Vista
Hon. Judy Ritter, Mayor
(A) Hon. John Aguilera, Deputy Mayor
(A) Hon. Amanda Rigby, Councilmember

County of San Diego
Hon. Ron Roberts, Supervisor
(A) Hon. Dave Roberts, Supervisor
(A) Hon. Greg Cox, Supervisor

Hon. Dianne Jacob, Chairwoman
(A) Hon. Bill Horn, Vice Chair

California Department of Transportation
(Advisory Member)
Malcolm Dougherty, Director
(A) Laurie Berman, District 11 Director

Metropolitan Transit System
(Advisory Member)
Harry Mathis, Chairman
(A) Hon. Al Ovrom

North County Transit District
(Advisory Member)
Hon. Bill Horn, Chairman
(A) Hon. Ed Gallo
(A) Hon. Mike Nichols

Imperial County
(Advisory Member)
Hon. John Renison, Supervisor, District 1
(A) Hon. Bill Hodge, Mayor, City of Calexico

United States Department of Defense
(Advisory Member)
CAPT Darius Banaji, CEC, USN, Commanding Officer
Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southwest
(A) CAPT Richard L. Whipple, CEC, USN, Executive Officer
Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southwest

San Diego Unified Port District
(Advisory Member)
Hon. Bob Nelson, Chairman
(A) Hon. Dan Malcolm, Commissioner

San Diego County Water Authority
(Advisory Member)
Tom Wornham, Chairman
(A) David Barnum, Director

Southern California Tribal Chairmen's Association
(Advisory Member)
Hon. Allen Lawson, Chairman, San Pasqual Band of Diegueño Indians
Hon. Robert Smith, Chairman, Pala Band of Mission Indians

Mexico (Consulate General of Mexico)
(Advisory Member)
Hon. Remedios Gómez-Arnau, Cónsul General of Mexico
(A) Hon. Francisco J. Olivarría, Deputy Cónsul General of Mexico