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Committee on Binational Regional Opportunities

About | Board of Directors | Bylaws & Policies | Committees | History | Work Program & Budget

Committee on Binational Regional Opportunities

The Committee on Binational Regional Opportunities (COBRO) was formally established in 1996. In 2002, COBRO began serving as a working group to the SANDAG Borders Committee in order to facilitate a better understanding of binational border-related issues and needs of the California-Baja California region.

COBRO advises the SANDAG Borders Committee concerning both short and long-term binational related activities, issues and actions; provides recommendations regarding binational border-related planning and development; and identifies ways to assist and coordinate with existing efforts in the binational area. The membership consists of elected officials and staff representatives of academia, business, community organizations, and the Mexican government. A membership list and charter are available at the bottom of this page in PDF format.

Project Manager(s)

Hector Vanegas, Borders Program Manager
Phone: (619) 699-1972, Email:

Meeting Schedule

The Committee on Binational Regional Opportunities meets at 3 p.m. on the first Tuesday of predetermined months. At least one meeting per year is held in Baja California.

Copies of Committee on Binational Regional Opportunities meeting agendas, action notes, and presentations are available via the links below. The agendas and action notes are provided in PDF format. Visit our Help section if you have problems viewing any of these PDF files.

Date Meeting Title            Meeting Materials [a-z] [z-a]
5/5/2015Regular Session             Agenda
4/7/2015Regular Session             Cancellation Notice
3/27/2015Joint Session             Agenda, Agenda - Spanish, Minutes, Audio
2/3/2015Regular Session             Agenda
11/4/2014Regular Session             Agenda
9/2/2014Regular Session             Agenda, Audio
7/1/2014Meeting Cancelled             Cancellation Notice
5/6/2014Regular Session             Agenda, Audio
4/1/2014Meeting Cancelled             Cancellation Notice
3/28/2014Joint Session             Agenda, Agenda - Spanish
2/4/2014Regular Session             Agenda, Audio
11/5/2013Regular Session             Agenda, Audio
9/3/2013Regular Session             Agenda, Audio
5/7/2013Regular Session             Agenda, Audio
4/9/2013Meeting Cancelled             Meeting Cancellation Notice, Save the Date
3/22/2013Joint Session             Agenda, Agenda - Spanish, Minutes, Audio
2/5/2013Regular Session             Agenda
11/6/2012Regular Session             Agenda, Audio
9/4/2012Regular Session             Agenda, Audio
6/5/2012Regular Session             Agenda, Audio
4/10/2012Meeting Cancelled             Meeting Cancellation Notice
2/7/2012Regular Session             Agenda, Audio
11/1/2011Regular Session             Agenda, Meeting Notice
9/6/2011Regular Session             Agenda, Audio
6/7/2011Meeting Cancelled             Meeting Cancellation Notice
5/3/2011Regular Session             Agenda, Audio
4/5/2011Meeting Cancelled             Meeting Cancellation Notice
2/1/2011Regular Session             Agenda, Audio
11/2/2010Regular Session             Agenda, Agenda Only, Audio
9/7/2010Regular Session             Agenda, Audio
7/6/2010Regular Session             Agenda, Attendance Sheet, Audio
6/1/2010Special Session             Save the Date Flyer
4/6/2010Regular Session             Agenda
2/2/2010Regular Session             Agenda, Audio
11/3/2009Regular Session             Agenda, Audio
9/1/2009Regular Session             Agenda
8/4/2009Meeting Cancelled            N/A
7/24/2009Joint Session             Agenda
7/7/2009Regular Session             Agenda
6/2/2009Binational Seminar             Save the Date
5/5/2009Regular Session             Agenda, Otay Mesa-Mesa de Otay Binational Corridor Strategic Plan - 2009 Draft Progress Report
4/7/2009Meeting Cancelled             Meeting Cancellation Notice
3/3/2009Regular Session             Agenda, California - Baja California Border Master Plan, San Ysidro Mobility Strategy - Phase 1
2/3/2009Regular Session             Agenda
1/6/2009Meeting Cancelled             Meeting Cancellation Notice
12/2/2008Regular Session             Agenda
11/4/2008Meeting Cancelled             Meeting Cancellation Notice
10/7/2008Regular Session             Agenda
9/2/2008Regular Session             Agenda
8/5/2008Regular Session             Agenda
7/1/2008Meeting Cancelled             Meeting Cancellation Notice
6/13/2008Joint Session             Agenda, Agenda - Spanish, Agenda Only, Meeting Notice
5/6/2008Meeting Cancelled            N/A
4/25/2008Joint Session             Meeting Cancellation Notice
4/1/2008Regular Session             Agenda
3/4/2008Regular Session             Agenda
2/5/2008Regular Session             Agenda
12/4/2007Meeting Cancelled             Meeting Cancellation Notice
11/6/2007Regular Session             Agenda, Agenda Only
10/2/2007Regular Session             Agenda
9/4/2007Regular Session             Agenda
8/7/2007Regular Session             Agenda
7/3/2007Meeting Cancelled             Meeting Cancellation Notice
6/5/2007Regular Session             Agenda
5/8/2007Regular Session             Agenda
4/3/2007Regular Session             Agenda
3/6/2007Regular Session             Agenda, Draft Strategic Plan
2/6/2007Regular Session             Agenda
1/2/2007Meeting Cancelled             Meeting Cancellation Notice
12/5/2006Meeting Cancelled             Meeting Cancellation Notice
11/7/2006Regular Session             Agenda
10/3/2006Regular Session             Agenda
9/5/2006Regular Session             Agenda
8/1/2006Regular Session             Agenda
7/4/2006Meeting Cancelled            N/A
6/12/2006Special Session             Agenda
6/6/2006Meeting Cancelled             Cancellation Notice
5/2/2006Regular Session             Agenda
4/4/2006Regular Session             Agenda
3/7/2006Regular Session             Agenda
2/7/2006Regular Session             Agenda
1/3/2006Meeting Cancelled             Meeting Cancellation Notice
12/6/2005Meeting Cancelled             Meeting Cancellation Notice
11/1/2005Regular Session             Agenda
9/6/2005Regular Session             Agenda
8/2/2005Regular Session             Agenda
7/5/2005Regular Session             Agenda
5/20/2005Bus Tour             Minutes, Itinerary - Joint Bus Tour
5/3/2005Meeting Cancelled            N/A
4/5/2005Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda
3/1/2005Regular Session             Agenda
2/1/2005Regular Session             Agenda
1/4/2005Meeting Cancelled            N/A
12/8/2004Regular Session             Agenda
10/5/2004Regular Session             Agenda
9/7/2004Regular Session             Agenda
8/3/2004Regular Session             Agenda
7/6/2004Regular Session             Agenda
6/1/2004Meeting Cancelled             Meeting Cancellation Notice
5/4/2004Regular Session             Agenda
4/6/2004Regular Session             Agenda
3/2/2004Regular Session             Agenda
2/3/2004Regular Session             Agenda
1/6/2004Regular Session             Agenda
12/2/2003Regular Session             Agenda
11/4/2003Regular Session             Agenda
10/7/2003Regular Session             Agenda
9/2/2003Regular Session             Agenda
8/5/2003Regular Session             Agenda
6/3/2003Regular Session             Agenda
5/6/2003Regular Session             Agenda
4/1/2003Regular Session             Agenda
3/4/2003Regular Session             Agenda
2/4/2003Regular Session             Agenda
1/7/2003Meeting Cancelled            N/A
12/3/2002Regular Session             Agenda
11/5/2002Regular Session             Agenda
10/9/2002Regular Session             Agenda
9/3/2002Regular Session             Agenda
8/6/2002Regular Session             Agenda