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Executive Committee

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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is composed of Directors responsible for setting the monthly SANDAG agenda, reviewing grant applications, reviewing legislative proposals, preparing of the overall Work Program and Budget, and providing direction in preparing items for Board consideration.

The Executive Committee, which usually meets on the second Friday of each month, includes the Board Chairperson and Vice Chairperson, the Board representative from the City of San Diego, the County of San Diego, and the immediate past Chairperson. The committee also has three alternate members.

Project Manager(s)

Robyn Wapner, Senior Legislative Analyst
Phone: (619) 699-6926, Email:

Meeting Schedule

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The Executive Committee meets the second Friday of each month at 9 a.m.

Agenda Comments

Public comments regarding the agenda can be sent to SANDAG via Please include the committee item, your name, and your organization in the body of your message. Comments received prior to noon on the Wednesday preceding the 'Friday' Committee meeting will be forwarded to the Committee members for their review.

Copies of Executive Committee meeting agendas, action notes, and presentations are available via the links below. The agendas and action notes are provided in PDF format. Visit our Help section if you have problems viewing any of these PDF files.

Date Meeting Title            Meeting Materials [a-z] [z-a]
12/4/2015Regular Session            N/A
11/6/2015Regular Session            N/A
10/9/2015Regular Session            N/A
9/11/2015Regular Session            N/A
8/14/2015Regular Session            N/A
7/10/2015Regular Session            N/A
6/12/2015Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Voting Results, Audio
5/8/2015Regular Session             Minutes, Voting Results, Agenda, Audio
4/10/2015Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Voting Results, Audio
3/13/2015Regular Session             Minutes, Voting Results, Agenda, Audio
2/13/2015Regular Session             Voting Results, Agenda, Minutes, Audio
1/9/2015Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda, Voting Results, Audio
12/5/2014Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Voting Results, Audio
11/7/2014Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Voting Results, Audio
10/10/2014Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda, Voting Results, Audio
9/12/2014Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Voting Results, Audio
8/8/2014Meeting Cancelled             Meeting Cancellation Notice
7/11/2014Regular Session             Voting Results, Agenda, Minutes, Audio
6/13/2014Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda, Voting Results, Audio
5/9/2014Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Voting Results, Audio
4/11/2014Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda
3/14/2014Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda, Audio
2/14/2014Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda, Audio
1/10/2014Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
12/6/2013Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
11/1/2013Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
10/11/2013Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
9/13/2013Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
8/9/2013Regular Session             Meeting Cancellation Notice
7/12/2013Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
6/14/2013Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
5/10/2013Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Proposed Final Program Budget - FY 2014, Audio
4/12/2013Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
3/8/2013Regular Session             , Agenda, Agenda Only, Minutes, Audio
2/1/2013Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
1/11/2013Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
12/7/2012Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
11/2/2012Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
10/12/2012Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
9/14/2012Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
8/10/2012Regular Session             Meeting Cancellation Notice
7/13/2012Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
6/8/2012Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
5/11/2012Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
4/13/2012Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes
3/9/2012Regular Session             Agenda, Agenda Only, Minutes, Audio
2/10/2012Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
1/13/2012Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
12/2/2011Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes
11/4/2011Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
10/14/2011Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
9/16/2011Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
9/9/2011Meeting Cancelled             Meeting Cancellation Notice
8/12/2011Regular Session             Meeting Cancellation Notice
7/8/2011Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
6/10/2011Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Voting Results
5/13/2011Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Proposed FY 2012 Program Budget, Audio
4/8/2011Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
3/11/2011Regular Session             Agenda, Agenda Only, Minutes, Audio
2/11/2011Regular Session             Agenda, Agenda Only, Minutes, Audio
1/14/2011Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
12/3/2010Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
11/5/2010Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
10/8/2010Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
9/10/2010Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
8/13/2010Meeting Cancelled             Meeting Cancellation Notice
7/9/2010Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
6/11/2010Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
5/14/2010Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Proposed Final Draft FY 2011 Program Budget, Audio
4/9/2010Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
3/12/2010Regular Session             Agenda, Agenda Only, Minutes, Audio
2/25/2010Special Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
2/12/2010Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes
1/8/2010Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
12/4/2009Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
11/13/2009Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
10/9/2009Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
9/11/2009Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
8/14/2009Meeting Cancelled             Meeting Cancellation Notice
7/10/2009Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
6/12/2009Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
5/8/2009Regular Session             Agenda, Agenda Only, Minutes, Audio
4/10/2009Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
3/13/2009Regular Session             Agenda, Agenda Only, Minutes
2/13/2009Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda
1/9/2009Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda
12/5/2008Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes
11/14/2008Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes
10/10/2008Regular Session             Agenda, Agenda-only, Minutes
9/12/2008Regular Session             Agenda, Agenda Only, Minutes
8/8/2008Regular Session             Meeting Cancellation Notice
7/11/2008Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes
6/13/2008Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda
5/9/2008Regular Session             Agenda, Agenda Only, Minutes
4/11/2008Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda
3/14/2008Regular Session             Agenda, Agenda Only, Final Minutes, FY09 Draft Program Budget
2/8/2008Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes
1/11/2008Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes
12/7/2007Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda
11/9/2007Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes
10/12/2007Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes
9/14/2007Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda
8/10/2007Regular Session             Meeting Cancellation Notice
7/13/2007Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda
6/8/2007Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda, Agenda Only
5/11/2007Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda
4/13/2007Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes
3/9/2007Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda
2/9/2007Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda
1/12/2007Regular Session             Minutes , Agenda
12/1/2006Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda
11/3/2006Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes
10/13/2006Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda
9/8/2006Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda
8/11/2006Meeting Cancelled             Meeting Cancellation Notice
7/14/2006Regular Session             Minutes , Agenda
6/9/2006Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes
5/12/2006Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda
4/14/2006Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda
3/10/2006Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda
2/10/2006Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes
1/13/2006Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda
12/2/2005Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda
11/4/2005Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda
10/14/2005Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes
9/9/2005Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda
8/12/2005Meeting Cancelled             Meeting Cancellation Notice
7/8/2005Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda
6/10/2005Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda
5/13/2005Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes
4/8/2005Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda
3/11/2005Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda
2/4/2005Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda
1/14/2005Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda
1/13/2005Regular Session            N/A
12/3/2004Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes
11/5/2004Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes
10/8/2004Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes
9/10/2004Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes
8/13/2004Meeting Cancelled             Meeting Cancellation Notice
7/9/2004Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes
6/18/2004Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes
6/11/2004Meeting Cancelled             Meeting Cancellation Notice
5/14/2004Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda
4/9/2004Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda
3/12/2004Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda
2/13/2004Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda
1/9/2004Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda
12/5/2003Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda
11/7/2003Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes
10/10/2003Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes
9/12/2003Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes
7/11/2003Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes
6/13/2003Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes
5/9/2003Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes
4/11/2003Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes
3/28/2003Ad Hoc Working Group on AB 361             Agenda
3/14/2003Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes
2/14/2003Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes
1/10/2003Regular Session             Agenda
12/6/2002Regular Session             Agenda
11/8/2002Regular Session             Agenda
10/11/2002Regular Session             Agenda
9/13/2002Regular Session             Agenda
7/12/2002Regular Session             Agenda
6/14/2002Regular Session             Agenda