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Energy and Climate Change

Plug-in SD: Supporting the Region's Plug-in Electric Vehicle Readiness

Plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) are growing in popularity in the San Diego region and their numbers are expected to rise with California’s goal of 1.5 million zero-emission vehicles on the road by 2025. As of summer 2015, San Diego County is home to over 17,000 PEVs. With increasing PEVs comes a greater demand for residential, workplace and commercial electric vehicle charging stations (EVCS).

In support of PEV adoption and implementation of the San Diego Regional Plug-in Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan, SANDAG has partnered with the Center for Sustainable Energy to launch Plug-in SD and provide local stakeholders strategic and technical guidance to help ensure the San Diego region is PEV ready.

Resources and Technical Assistance

Funded through a two-year grant from the California Energy Commission, Plug-in SD supports the development of resources and direct technical assistance available to a variety of PEV stakeholders.

  • Local Governments: permitting and inspection best practices, EV Expert consultations
  • Contractors: permitting and installation standards, market development
  • Employers: “PEV 101” workplace charging workshops, information on incentives and PEV-friendly policies
  • Multiunit Dwelling Building Owners: EVCS siting assistance, connection cost and fee information, EV Expert consultations
  • EV Dealerships: consumer information and incentive details

    EV Expert

    Plug-in SD provides a technical expert who is available to assist PEV and EVCS stakeholders in person, via email, or by phone. To schedule a consultation, email or call (866) 967-5816.


    Plug-in SD: Driving Into the Future
    EV Charging Station Permit Application Correction Sheets
    EV Charging Station Inspection Correction Sheets
    EV Charging Station Installation Checklist
    EV Charging Station Permitting and Inspection Best Practices
    EV Charging Station Installation Best Practices
    San Diego Regional Plug-in Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan, 2014

    Additional Resources

    Center for Sustainable Energy: Plug-in SD
    California Energy Commission: Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program
    Clean Vehicle Rebate Project
    Department of Energy Alternative Fuel Data Center – Station Locator
    California PEV Collaborative
    Drive Clean Buying Guide

    May - June 2016 Workshops

    Sub-regional Plug-in SD Workshop Presentation with Notes

  • Project Manager

    Allison Wood, Associate Regional Energy/Climate Planner
    Phone: (619) 699-1973, Email:

    For media inquiries, please contact the SANDAG Public Information Office at (619) 699-1950 or