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Census Workshop Request

To facilitate Census data access, SANDAG staff offer workshops.
To request a workshop, please complete this form and a SANDAG staff member will follow up to coordinate details.

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Understanding American Community Survey data: An overview of the American Community Survey methodology and variables collected and instruction on how to access the information online.

Census data for Grant Writers: A workshop geared toward grant writing professionals and individuals interested in learning the basics of using census data in grant proposals.

Using the Map Tab in American FactFinder: Instruction in how to use the map tab in American Factfinder (the U.S. Census Bureau's online tool) to pull data for specific geographic area (e.g., neighborhoods).

Accessing data through Census Reporter: Census Reporter provides easy access to American Community Survey data. This workshop shows how to access data profiles, comparisons, and visualizations, as well as exporting data for further analysis.

Census Data for Business and Community Development: Instruction in how to use census data to measure business competition and market share, obtain population characteristics about target market areas, create customized maps, examine potential site locations, analyze trade areas, and examine trends for market planning.

Other: Please describe