NAME: LU2008

DESCRIPTION: 2008 Base Year Land Use for the Series 12 Regional Growth Forecast


EXTENT: San Diego region

DATE OF DATA: January 1, 2008


MAPPING SOURCE: SANDAG, Lenska Aerial Images/Digital Globe February 2008, SanGIS landbase (i.e. parcels)


SANDAG’s Land Layers are created for use in the Regional Growth Forecast to distribute projected growth for the San Diego region to suitable subareas. These land layers include existing land use, planned land use, land ownership, land available for development, and lands available for redevelopment and infill. The land layers inventory is updated when new information is available.

Many of these data sets are built from the San Diego Geographic Information Source (SanGIS) landbase. The land use information has been updated continuously since 2000 using aerial photography, the County Assessor Master Property Records file, and other ancillary information. The land use information was reviewed by each of the local jurisdictions and the County of San Diego to ensure its accuracy. Although this inventory contains more categorical detail and has better positional accuracy than previous land use inventories, users should be aware that this data may be too generalized for some local planning projects.

Although agricultural lands are included in the inventory, they have not been systematically maintained or updated since the mid 1990's. The land use inventory only has agricultural land use change when the land becomes developed or urbanized. New agricultural lands have not been systematically added to the inventory.

Adjacent parcel polygons with the same land use have been aggregated (dissolved) into a single feature.

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Land use code


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SHAPE_area Area of polygon in square feet


Length of polygon perimeter in feet

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