DESCRIPTION: Schools. Public and private grade school sites polygons.


EXTENT: San Diego region

DATE OF DATA: October 2010


MAPPING SOURCE: California Department of Education (CDE), SANDAG, San Diego Geographic Information Source (SanGIS)

Notes: School site addresses maintained by CDE were geocoded to the SanGIS Landbase of parcels and street centerlines. Whole parcel polygons were selected to represent the school campus. The school site polygons match the separate school site points layer.

School data are available from the California Department of Education web site The list of California public schools is at The list of California private schools is at
The school site points match the separate school site polygons layer.

Multiple campus schools include:
- Village Elementary/Early Childhood (Coronado)
- Emerson/Bandini (San Diego)
- Oak Knoll Montessori (Poway)
- Horizon (San Diego)
- Holly Drive Leadership Academy (San Diego)
- Our Lady's School (San Diego)
- Tri-City Christian (Vista)
- Francis Parker (San Diego)
- Warren-Walker (San Diego)

Several schools share the same campus. Example campuses include:
- San Diego High Educational Complex
- Kearny High Educational Complex
- Crawford High Educational Complex
- High Tech High and High Tech Middle

Code Documentation:

CDSCode This 14-digit code is the official, unique identification of a school within California. The first two digits identify the county, the next five digits identify the school district, and the last seven digits identify the school.
District District name.
School CDE Full school name.
Street The street address (physical address) of the school.
City The city where the school is physically located.
ZIP 5-digit ZIP Code.
OpenDate The date the school opened. For public schools and some private schools, an empty cell indicates that the start date precedes July 1, 1980, the date the California Department of Education began to maintain this information.
Charter This field identifies charter schools.
DOCType The type of school district.
SOCType The type of school.
GSoffered The grade span offered is the lowest grade and the highest grade offered or supported by the school.
ShortName Short 20-character school name. Derived from CDE school name.
ID SANDAG in-house identification code (codes 9xxx).
Priv Private school indicator (Y or N).


County Office of Education
Statewide Benefit Charter
Elementary School District
Unified School District
High School District


Special Education Schools (Public)
County Community
Juvenile Court Schools
Elementary Schools (Public)
Elementary Schools in 1 School District (Public)
Intermediate/Middle Schools (Public)
Alternative Schools of Choice
Junior High Schools (Public)
K-12 Schools (Public)
High Schools (Public)
Continuation High Schools
District Community Day Schools

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