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Courts and Police

SANDAG provides research and analysis services to support agencies in their efforts to increase the effectiveness and accessibility of their services through the implementation of public opinion surveys.

Past Courts and Police Projects

Homeless Courts Project Evaluation

An evaluation of San Diego homeless shelter programs.

Targeting Auto Theft With a Regional Task Force and Mapping Technology

The Regional Auto Theft Task Force was formed in response to rising motor vehicle theft rates.

Guardian Angels: An Assessment of Citizen Response to Crime

Evaluated and documented the activities of the Guardian Angels citizen crime prevention organization.

2019 Chula Vista Police Department Resident Opinion Survey

Survey of Chula Vista residents' opinions about the Police Department, disorder, and crime.

North County Gang Enforcement Collaborative Evaluation

An evaluation of efforts to combat violent and gang-related crime through increased collaboration and communication.

Cross Border Task Force Evaluation

A two-year evaluation of efforts to target crime stemming from our international border.

Graffiti Tracker Evaluation

Using technology to better document graffiti and identify and convict the most prolific regional offenders.

Project Safe Neighborhoods Research Partner

Worked with the U.S. Attorney’s office and other partners to document gun-related crime in the region.

San Diego CalGRIP Project Evaluation

This project provided a continuum of services with the goal of reducing gang activity in communities with high rates of gang violence.

Parenting Time Opportunities for Children

An evaluation of efforts by the Department of Child Support services to combine parenting time visitation and child support orders.

North County Comprehensive Gang Initiative

A comprehensive assessment of gang issues along the “78 Corridor” in the North San Diego County.

Santee Auto Theft Prevention Project

This project involved conducting the process and impact evaluation of the efforts made by the San Diego Sheriff's Department to reduce motor vehicle theft in the City of Santee.

Chula Vista Burglary Project

This project consisted of an assessment of the nature and scope of burglary and burglars in Chula Vista.

San Diego Superior Court Users Survey

Developed and administered a survey to determine court users' opinions on accessibility to facilities and services.

2007 Chula Vista Police Department Resident Opinion Survey

A survey of Chula Vista residents' perceptions of crime in their city.

Sheriff's Resident Opinion Survey

A public opinion survey of residents in the service areas of the San Diego County Sheriff's Department.