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SANDAG conducts research studies to assist policymakers and criminal justice officials in assessing programs targeted at the adult offender population.

Current Adults Projects

Prop 47

This project serves adults who have been cited, arrested, booked into jail, and/or charged or convicted of a misdemeanor offense.

S.T.A.R. Project

Aims to implement a collaborative public health and public safety enhanced Probation supervision strategy based on the latest evidence-based practice research.

Past Adults Projects

Connections Mentally Ill Offender Program Evaluation

Development of strategies and programs to reduce the cycle of offending and incarceration of mentally ill adults.

Community Sex Offender Management Implementation Project

Through a collaborative effort with a group of multi-disciplines, standards for sex offender management were established.

Monitoring the Illegal Firearms Market

Expanded the knowledge of how offenders obtain guns, their reasons for doing so, and the nature of the gun market, with a focus on role of gangs, drug markets, and drug use.

Family TIES

The Criminal Justice Research Division conducted a process and impact evaluation of the Family Targeted Intervention, Education and Services project, a program provided by the San Diego County Sheriff's Department.

Senate Bill 618

An evaluation of local collaboration to provide better reentry services to state inmates.

Responsible Fatherhood

An impact evaluation of a project coordinated by Vista Community Clinic to improve the knowledge and skills of local fathers.

Smart Probation

An evaluation of San Diego County Probation Department’s effort to implement evidence-based practices in the Post-Release Offender Division.

Veterans Moving Forward

An evaluation of the VMF program, which was designed to address common issues found in this population and reduce recidivism.

Senate Bill 678

Evaluated efforts to reduce the number of adult probationers revoked from probation and sentenced to prison.

San Diego Community Justice Initiative

Expanded an existing program by assessing clients on their risk and needs, better linking clients to service providers, strengthening the current documentation effort to ensure decisions and strategies are informed by data, and engaging with the community to a greater degree to ensure restorative justice.

Assembly Bill 109

An evaluation of Public Safety Realignment implementation and its outcomes.