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SANDAG promotes strategies to increase the supply of, and ensure access to, a variety of housing choices for all residents of the region, regardless of income.

Current Housing Projects

Housing Acceleration Program

SANDAG is developing a regional Housing Acceleration Program (HAP) that will support jurisdictions, developers, and transit agencies in the development and adoption of policies and process improvements that accelerate housing production and implementation of the Sustainable Communities Strategy. 

Housing Acceleration Program Grant

SANDAG has developed the Housing Acceleration Program (HAP) Grant to develop and adapt policies and process improvements that accelerate housing production, facilitate implementation of the 6th RHNA Cycle, implement the Regional Plan Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS), and build local jurisdictions’ capacity to compete for funding statewide through the HCD Prohousing Designation Program.

Outreach and Education

Initiatives that seek to educate policymakers, thought leaders, interested stakeholders, and engaged citizens on best practice solutions to support coalition building and equitable housing development.

Regional Housing Needs Assessment 6th Housing Element Cycle 2021-2029

SANDAG is currently overseeing the 6th cycle RHNA, which covers the planning period from 2021-2029.

Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program

Details state program that provides funding for projects that will reduce GHG emissions and benefit disadvantaged communities.

Regional Housing Progress Report

Includes the number of housing units permitted in the very low, low, moderate, and above moderate income categories.

Housing Elements

A housing element in a jurisdiction’s general plan is a blueprint for how the jurisdiction will grow and meet the housing needs of the community.