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Comprehensive Regional Airport Access

Airport Multimodal Accessibility Plan

SANDAG and the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority are engaged in a two-pronged process to plan for improved infrastructure that will be needed to accommodate air traffic in the region, as well as surface transportation that will serve airport facilities.

Senate Bill 10 of 2007 (SB 10) requires airport multimodal planning to be conducted and coordinated by SANDAG and the Authority. The main planning provisions of SB 10 include the development of a Regional Aviation Strategic Plan (RASP) and an Airport Multimodal Accessibility Plan (AMAP).

The Authority is the lead for the RASP, which identifies workable strategies to improve the performance of the regional airport system. SANDAG is the lead for the AMAP, which develops a multimodal strategy to improve surface transportation to airports.  Specifically, future transit, roadway, and high-speed rail improvements to airports found to be candidates for aviation improvements in the RASP, were evaluated in the AMAP.

The development of the RASP and AMAP was a coordinated process between the Authority and SANDAG. The overall schedule allowed the RASP and AMAP to be incorporated into the 2050 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP).  Projects and policies developed from the RASP, AMAP, Airport Master Plan, and Destination Lindbergh, to the extent they were complete, were included.

While the Authority is the lead for the aviation demand, capacity, and airport infrastructure components to be completed for the RASP, these studies were incorporated into the AMAP.