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New minimum FasTrak toll starts May 1

Starting May 1, 2007, commuters not using their transponder to pay tolls on the I-15 in San Diego will be charged a new monthly fee to offset the cost of maintaining their account. Customers who use the I-15 lanes regularly will not be affected by this change. Customers who spend at least $4.50 per month in tolls for accounts with a single transponder will not pay any lease or account maintenance fees.

On March 23, 2007, SANDAG approved the new I-15 FasTrak® pricing program to curb the increasing cost of account maintenance for non-users of the system. Since the FasTrak program was launched in 1997, SANDAG has provided free accounts with no enrollment fees and no minimum usage charges. As a result, a number of current customers remain enrolled despite little to no use of the FasTrak lanes that run in the median of Interstate 15 between State Routes 56 and 163. SANDAG officials noted that a growing number of customers sign up for the service but seldom use it. About half of the customers enrolled with SANDAG made fewer than 10 trips last year on I-15. Many of these customers primarily used toll roads in Orange County.

SANDAG maintains more than 19,000 FasTrak accounts representing nearly 30,000 solo drivers enrolled to use the I-15 FasTrak lanes. FasTrak makes it convenient for customers to use any FasTrak toll road or bridge with the same device throughout California. There currently are five toll facilities in California that use FasTrak.

Please contact the FasTrak Customer Service Center for more information at 1-888-889-1515 or

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For media inquiries, please contact the SANDAG Public Information Office at (619) 699-1950 or