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Developer Roundtable

Date: 10/17/13 - 10/17/13

SANDAG invites interested firms to participate in an informal roundtable forum on October 17, 2013, from 1 - 4 p.m. at SANDAG to discuss future procurement(s) of professional development services or partnership for the potential construction of an urban mixed-use, mid to high-rise project in Downtown San Diego.

The building must at a minimum provide office space and conference facilities for SANDAG and a bus layover facility to be used by the Metropolitan Transit System.

Any contracts that may eventually be awarded would be made on a project specific basis. The discussion at the roundtable forum will be about the feasibility and interest of a private/public partnership of such a project, the method by which the contract would be awarded, as well as associated project costs.

Please note that this is an informal meeting and a request for a voluntary review of certain elements likely to be included in the upcoming competitive procurement(s).

The purpose of this meeting will be to discuss selected topics that may be addressed in the solicitation and contract documents. Participation in this meeting is voluntary and is not required as a condition to proposing when the solicitation is issued.

This is an opportunity for interested firms to provide their comments and opinions to SANDAG on several topics including but not limited to: feasibility, interest, project risks, target SBE/DBE goals, type of contract, and financing and cost factors.

Preferred roundtable participants are real estate developers with experience in urban mixed use mid-to-high rise projects exceeding 300,000 sq. ft., with knowledge of the downtown San Diego area, along with desired experience in public private partnerships and transit oriented projects. 

If your firm wishes to attend the roundtable forum, please email the form below to no later than Wednesday, September 25, 2013.

The form requests the firm’s name, street address, contact person’s name and title, telephone number, facsimile number, and email address. Identify past experience with similar projects, firms you have worked with in the past ten years, and a description of service or product provided. All submissions must be sent electronically.

SANDAG may issue a Request for Information (RFI), Qualifications (RFQ), or Proposal (RFP) after evaluating feedback received at the roundtable and direction from the SANDAG Board of Directors.

Questions or comments may be directed to Virginia Perrett at (619) 699-1978 or

If you are not registered as a vendor, please visit where you can register as a bidder for future procurements.