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Regional Planning Technical Working Group

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Regional Planning Technical Working Group

The Regional Planning Technical Working Group is a standing staff working group which provides advice to the Regional Planning Committee and the SANDAG Board of Directors on the development and implementation of San Diego Forward: The Regional Plan, which merges the Regional Comprehensive Plan, Regional Transportation Plan, and Sustainable Communities Strategy. The working group consists of the planning or community development director from each member agency and representatives from other single-purpose regional agencies. The working group also provides coordination on regional growth management issues among member agencies.

This Working Group's charter is posted below in PDF format.

Project Manager(s)

Carolina Ilic, Senior Regional Planner
Phone: (619) 699-1989, Email:

Seth Litchney, Senior Regional Planner
Phone: (619) 699-1943, Email:

Meeting Schedule

The Regional Planning Technical Working Group generally meets at SANDAG at 1:15 p.m. on the second Thursday of the month.

Copies of Regional Planning Technical Working Group meeting agendas, action notes, and presentations are available via the links below. The agendas and action notes are provided in PDF format. Visit our Help section if you have problems viewing any of these PDF files.

Date Meeting Title            Meeting Materials [a-z] [z-a]
12/10/2009Regular Session             Agenda, Audio
12/3/2009Joint Session             Agenda, Meeting Presentation, Audio
11/12/2009Meeting Cancelled             Meeting Cancellation Notice
10/29/2009Joint Session             Agenda, Audio
10/8/2009Meeting Cancelled             Meeting Cancellation Notice
9/10/2009Regular Session             Agenda, Audio
8/13/2009Regular Session             Meeting Cancellation Notice
7/9/2009Regular Session             Agenda, Audio
6/11/2009Regular Session             Agenda, Agenda Only, Audio
5/14/2009Regular Session             Agenda
4/30/2009Special Workshop             Agenda, Presentation, Summary of Alternative Land Use Scenarios for 2050 Forecast
4/9/2009Regular Session             Agenda
4/9/2009Regular Session            N/A
3/12/2009Regular Session             Agenda
2/12/2009Regular Session             Agenda
1/14/2009Regular Session            N/A
1/8/2009Regular Session             Agenda

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