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Energy and Climate Change

Climate Adaptation

Even with the efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the current level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere already have resulted in changes to the climate and will continue to do so. San Diego Forward: The 2015 Regional Plan recognizes that the region is and will continue to be affected by the impacts of climate change, such as storms, heat waves, wildfires, or ongoing drought. SANDAG has begun to consider impacts of climate change as projects are designed, built, and maintained, recognizing the importance of protecting infrastructure investments.

SANDAG Adaptation Efforts

To inform the North Coast Corridor Program, SANDAG and Caltrans commissioned the San Diego Region Coastal Sea Level Rise Analysis Report. The Report describes future scenarios for sea-level rise along the region’s coastline based on the latest and most relevant scientific reports and guidance, offers design water level guidance for local projects, an adaptive management strategy, and general conclusions and recommendations.

In December 2017, SANDAG was awarded funding through a Caltrans adaptation planning grant to create a sea-level rise adaptation guidance document for regional transportation facilities. The project will build on the work already being conducted at the local level to assess how sea-level rise will impact the region’s transportation network and how adaptation measures can be utilized to mitigate these impacts.

Shoreline Preservation

Recognizing the need for regional coordination to address beach erosion issues along the coastline, SANDAG facilitates the regional shoreline monitoring program which measures the changes in beach width over time, documents the benefits of sand-replenishment projects, and helps to improve the design and effectiveness of beach fills. The Shoreline Preservation Working Group helps to inform SANDAG on issues related to the implementation of the Shoreline Preservation Strategy and sea-level rise adaptation measures such as beach replenishment opportunities.

Habitat Conservation

The TransNet Environmental Mitigation Program  (EMP) funds habitat-related environmental mitigation activities required to implement projects from the Regional Transportation Plan including purchasing, conserving, and restoring native habitats as offsets to disturbances caused by transportation projects. The EMP also is helping to fund research and regional coordination on ways to build resiliency among species and habitats.

Local Adaptation Resources

San Diego, 2050 Is Calling. How Will We Answer?

Resilient Coastlines Project of Greater San Diego

Sea-Level Rise Adaptation Strategy for the San Diego Bay (2012)

San Diego Climate Science Alliance

State Adaptation Resources

Safeguarding California Plan

State Adaptation Planning Guide

Rising Seas in California: An Update on Sea-Level Rise Science

California Coastal Commission Sea Level Rise Policy Guidance

Project Manager

Katie Hentrich, Regional Energy/Climate Planner
Phone: (619) 595-5609, Email:

For media inquiries, please contact the SANDAG Public Information Office at (619) 699-1950 or