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Freight Systems

Goods Movement Strategy and San Diego Forward: The Regional Plan

San Diego Forward: The Regional Plan will contain a freight component or “Goods Movement Strategy” that considers the growing importance of freight and goods movement to the region’s economic prosperity and seeks to balance regional and national freight priorities.

Situated between major production, trade, and population centers, San Diego hosts a wide array of freight transportation and infrastructure components. The freight network includes interstate and state highways, Class I freight rail operations, two short line railroad operations (all freight operations occur on tracks shared with passenger rail services), airport cargo systems, the Port of San Diego with two working marine terminals, and the Otay Mesa and Tecate commercial border crossings.

Existing conditions, capacity needs, and other important issues for each of the region’s individual freight systems are summarized in the Goods Movement Strategy. Key freight challenges that the region must address include:

  • Shared freight and passenger components for aviation, border, rail, and roadway systems
  • Constrained capacity due to limited infrastructure
  • Bottlenecks at gateways, including long border wait times
  • Goods movement by truck as dominant mode
  • Balancing public, private, and community issues

    The Goods Movement Strategy will propose a menu of projects that reflects the freight network needs of the region and balances freight benefits with sustainability objectives. It will consist of road and truckway projects (accommodating more than 90 percent of freight by volume) that comprise the backbone of the freight distribution network as well as maritime, rail, border, air cargo, intermodal centers, and pipeline related projects.

  • Project Manager

    Christina Casgar, Goods Movement Policy Manager
    Phone: (619) 699-1982, Email:

    For media inquiries, please contact the SANDAG Public Information Office at (619) 699-1950 or