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Comprehensive Land Use and Regional Growth Projects

TransNet Smart Growth Incentive Program: Cycle 5 – planning

On May 13, 2022, the SANDAG Board of Directors approved 5 planning grants to receive approximately $1.9 million in funds. Brief descriptions and applications of all awarded projects are available below in order of project ranking. View a list of all Cycle 5 applications.

Escondido General Plan Amendments and Environmental Review (City of Escondido) - $175,000

The project will cover the entire Escondido City limits and sphere of influence. The project area includes eight Smart Growth areas in Escondido, including four mixed-use transit areas, two community centers, two special use areas, and one town center. The General Plan Safety and Environmental Justice Elements will help support the City's implementation of several land use strategies intended to increase housing density near transit and reduce VMTs while accommodating housing.

Grant Application

Together We Plan (City of National City) - $294,477

Program is focused on development within areas served by high-frequency transit. Program is an opt-in system for developers to use an alternate calculation method for the number of units proposed on a parcel, rather than putting a limit on dwelling units per acre. No single-family zones are proposed to be included in the opt-in method, mixed-use overlay zones and housing overlay zones would also be included.

Grant Application

Mid-City Communities Smart Growth Study Areas (City of San Diego) - $500,000

The project will perform a study of existing/planned smart growth and employment areas to increase housing and mobility options in the Mid-City Communities of San Diego. The study will include a public outreach program and recommendations on opportunities for growth and transit-supportive densities in combination with corridor enhancements.

 Grant Application

Santee Town Center Specific Plan (City of Santee) - $400,000

The proposed project involves an update to the Santee Town Center Specific Plan, including updating the goals, policies, and objectives as well as updates to tables, charts and graphics. The Town Center Specific Plan has not been comprehensively updated since 1986, therefore the City is seeking a focused update which would promote housing opportunities near the Santee Trolley Station and add provisions to address sustainability and reflect other requirements of State law. In addition, the Arts and Entertainment District Overlay within the Town Center Specific Plan will be amended to expand the district boundaries and promote new development including mixed use housing.

Grant Application

Community Based Transportation Plan (County of San Diego) – $500,000

The Community Based Transportation Program (Program) facilitates the development of four (4) Neighborhood Mobility Plans (Plan). Each Plan will be a visioning document with the goal of connecting unincorporated communities to the various transit/mobility options included in the 2021 Regional Plan's Mobility Hubs. Each Plan will include outreach to underrepresented and underserved stakeholders, data gathering, analysis, a Neighborhood Mobility Assessment, and recommendations.

Grant Application