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Comprehensive Land Use and Regional Growth Projects

TransNet Active Transportation Grant Program: Cycle 4

The Cycle 4 TransNet Active Transportation Grant Program (ATGP) included funding for Capital projects (in the categories of Large Category and Small Category) and Non-Capital projects (in the categories of Planning; Education, Encouragement, and Awareness; and Bike Parking). On July 27, 2018, the SANDAG Board of Directors approved 15 projects to receive a total of $3.6 million in funds under the TransNet ATGP. Brief descriptions and applications of all eligible projects, both funded and not funded, are available below in order of project ranking.

To view a list of all Cycle 4 projects funded, click here


ATGP Capital Projects - FUNDED

“Large-Category” Projects – FUNDED

University Ave Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements (La Mesa) - $502,000
Will fill critical gaps in the Currently Adopted Regional Bike Network by providing Class II bike lanes on University Avenue from 69th Street to Harbinson Avenue (connecting to the end of the soon to be completed University Bikeway project by SANDAG) and from La Mesa Boulevard to Baltimore Avenue. Will construct new pedestrian ramps and crosswalks. Will improve access for people walking and biking, and the overall safety of the project area. Application

Lomas Santa Fe Active Transportation Improvements (Solana Beach) - $616,050
Will provide enhanced bicycle, pedestrian, and traffic calming improvements including: bulb-outs, ADA push buttons/curb ramps, high visibility crosswalks, sidewalks, pedestrian scale lighting, pocket park walkways, multi-use path, mid-block crossing with pedestrian signal, green bike lane/conflict zone striping, buffered bike lanes, landscape medians, on-street parking, and parking buffers. Will also study roundabouts for the east side of the freeway. Application

Streamview Drive Improvement Project (San Diego) – $585,950
Will provide access improvements for all users: pedestrians, bicyclists, bus riders, and drivers by installing and improving sidewalks, and installing bikes lanes, pop outs, and roundabouts. The focus of this project will be to improve the safety for all modes of transportation. Application

“Small-Category” Projects – FUNDED

Division Street – Euclid to Harbison Bicycle Improvements (National City) – $312,000
Will build upon the recently constructed Division Street Road Diet project (funded through statewide Active Transportation Program Cycle 1 funds) by completing a road diet from Euclid Avenue to Harbison Avenue. Will reduce street width from four lanes to two with a center turning lane; will also install a Class II buffered bike lane on each side of the road while maintaining parking; and will add a pedestrian crossing with curb-extensions and LED illuminated signs at the intersection of Division Street and Drexel Avenue. Application

National City Boulevard Bicycle Connection (National City) – $394,001
Will provide nearly 0.2 miles of enhanced (buffered) bike lanes along 33rd St. from Hoover Ave to National City Blvd. Will implement nearly 0.4 miles of Class II facilities along National City Blvd. from 33rd Street to C Street. Will include traffic calming features, decreased lane widths, bike/pedestrian improvements at freeway on/off ramps, bike boxes, lighting, and pedestrian safety enhancements. Will improve safety for people walking and biking. Application

Massachusetts Ave Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements (La Mesa) - $123,000
Will fill a gap in the City of La Mesa Bike Network by installing a northbound Class II bicycle lane on the east side of Massachusetts Avenue between Blackton Drive and University Avenue. Additionally, will construct new pedestrian ramps, a crosswalk, and medians at the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and Blackton Drive. Will improve access for people walking and biking, vehicular sight distance, and overall safety of the project area. Application

Prospect Avenue and Mesa Road Intersection Improvements (Santee) - $306,999
Will modify the intersection by rebuilding the northeast, southeast, and southwest corners of the intersection. Will improve visibility, reduce pedestrian crossing distance, add a bicycle connection, and improve safety at the school crossing. Application


ATGP Capital Projects - NOT FUNDED

Large-Category” Projects – NOT FUNDED

Downtown Streetscape, Phase 2 (Del Mar) – Requested $665,000 Would entail improvements along both sides of Camino del Mar between 9th Street and Plaza Driveway. Phase 2 of the project would include the segment from 11th Street to 13th Street. Phased 2 proposed components would include sidewalk and roadway improvements, new curbs, gutters, bulb outs, curb ramps, bike lanes, enhanced crosswalks, lighting and landscaping in an effort to enhance multiple modes of travel and improve safety. Application

Citywide Bicycle Wayfinding (National City) – Requested $826,800
Would include the installation of over 100 bicycle wayfinding signs along eleven miles of existing and proposed bicycle facilities throughout National City. Would raise awareness of the bicycle network and encourage bicycle riding by clarifying navigation to transit and everyday destinations along designated bike routes. The signage would comply with SANDAG's Go by Bike Wayfinding Design Guidelines. Application

City Heights Pedestrian Improvements (San Diego) - $1,200,000
Would include installation of new streetlights and sidewalks on various streets throughout the City Heights neighborhood. This neighborhood has lacked adequate streetlights for decades and is in dire need of safer, well lit, pedestrian walkways. There are also locations where segments of sidewalks are missing or where they do not exist at all for safe pedestrian access. Application


ATGP Non-Capital Projects - FUNDED

“Planning” Projects - FUNDED

Waterfront to Homefront Connectivity Study (National City) - $198,000
Will take a holistic look at connections between the people of National City and the waterfront. Will look at connecting transit, bike and walking facilities with new technologies of carshare, bikeshare, Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV), shuttles, electric bikes and ride hailing to lower greenhouse gases (GHG) and vehicle miles traveled (VMT). Application

Active Transportation Plan (El Cajon) - $207,000
Will develop an Active Transportation Master Plan for the City of El Cajon. Key deliverables will include a Sidewalk/Pedestrian Master Plan, an update to the 2011 Bicycle Master Plan, incorporation and prioritization of findings from the City's ongoing Safe Routes to School program, and refinement of conceptual mobility improvements found in the City's Transit District Specific Plan. Application

“Education/Encouragement/Awareness” Projects – FUNDED

Move Free SD (San Diego) - Requested $125,000
Will serve as an Education, Encouragement and Awareness campaign designed to create pedestrian, transit and bicycle mode shift in the City of San Diego using enhanced data sources to determine the most effective means of communication. Application

IB Biking EEA Campaign (Imperial Beach) - $50,000
Will create a partnership with the City of Imperial Beach and the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition to build a positive multimedia, informational and outreach campaign to market new biking infrastructure and destination opportunities, increase bike use, teach bike safety skills, educate businesses and residents, and promote active transportation choices in Imperial Beach. Application

Bike Parking” Projects – FUNDED

Bike Parking Enhancements (National City) - $50,000
Will install custom bike corrals throughout the city. The corrals will consist of a 12-foot by 6-foot concrete pad with custom bookend bike racks. The design intent is to provide bike parking for cyclists using their own bikes, while providing space between the bookend bike racks for dockless bike share bikes. Will address the need for quality end-of-trip facilities and encourage people to bike to their key destinations. Application

Bike Station (Oceanside) - $70,000
Will establish an enclosed bike parking facility (BikeStation) to support City Hall and downtown business employees. Will provide secured bike parking for 40 bikes which will encourage and promote increased bicycle commuting. Application

Bicycle Parking Enhancements (El Cajon) - $50,000
Will install bicycle racks throughout El Cajon, providing cyclists with safe, secure, and convenient parking for end-of-trip storage and enhance regional and local bicycle networks. Application

Civic Center Bike Locker Project (Del Mar) - $10,000
Will install convenient, secure and innovative bike lockers within the new Civic Center’s parking structure. By installing dual entry, bluetooth-enabled bike lockers, employees, residents and visitors alike will be able to store their bike with ease via their smart phone device while they complete their work day, attend to city business, or visit various businesses or parks within walking distance of the Civic Center. By providing the rental of these lockers free of charge once installed, the City will be implementing core goals of its adopted Community Plan, Climate Action Plan and Complete Streets Policy. Application


ATGP Non-Capital Projects - NOT FUNDED

“Planning” Projects – NOT FUNDED

Complete Streets Study along Del Mar Heights Road Corridor (San Diego) - $220,000
Would be used to transform the auto-centric Del Mar Heights Corridor to a multi-modal roadway, emphasizing enhancements on bicycle and pedestrian linkages to transit, schools, and open space areas to facilitate and encourage the use of these modes within the Torrey Pines community. Improvements identified along the corridor would fulfill goals and objectives in the City of San Diego's General Plan. Application

Comprehensive Active Transportation Strategy (Escondido) - $195,000
The City of Escondido last prepared a complete Bicycle Master Plan in 2012. The highest priority project in the plan is currently under construction, altering the active transportation possibilities in Escondido. The City is in need of a comprehensive update to its bicycle master plan and will also incorporate consideration of pedestrian travel/facilities and the need for traffic calming, especially in conjunction with schools, transit and neighborhood commercial. Application

Comprehensive Active Transportation Strategy (Santee) - $300,000
Santee needs an active transportation system that parallels regional and state planning efforts. The City is currently without a pedestrian master plan and the Bicycle Master Plan needs to be updated. The active transportation strategy would assist in implementing the City’s Mobility Element by determining: existing conditions, goals and objectives, priority projects, and implementation plan. When coupled with the city-wide Safe Routes to School Plan, all Santee's active transportation needs would be addressed. Application


ATGP Detailed Scoring Sheets

Both programs used a 'sum of rank' scoring approach, detailed in the staff report (See item 17 in the SANDAG Board of Directors meeting agenda) that contains the draft rankings and funding recommendations. View the detailed scoring sheets for the ATGP Capital and for the ATGP Non Capital.

If you have questions, please contact Tracy Ferchaw of SANDAG at or (619) 699-1977.


ATGP Application Documents (Application period has closed)

ATGP Overview, Eligibility, and Scoring Criteria


Capital Grants – Eligible Projects

Capital Grants – Scoring Criteria Matrix

Non-Capital Grants – Eligible Projects

Non-Capital Grants – Scoring Criteria Matrix

Grant Agreement Template

ATGP Capital Grants

ATGP Capital – Application Form (Fillable PDF)

ATGP Capital – Application Statement Form (Signature Required)

ATGP Capital – Sample Resolution

Capital Scope, Schedule, and Budget Worksheet (Excel)

ATGP Non-Capital Grants

ATGP Non-Capital – Application Form (Fillable PDF)

ATGP Non-Capital – Application Statement Form (Signature Required)

ATGP Non-Capital – Sample Resolution

Non-Capital Scope, Schedule, and Budget Worksheet (Excel)


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