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Public Transit

Regional Transit Vision

The Regional Transit Vision (RTV) focuses on a new role for public transit. One in which transit:

  • is integrated into many of our communities and neighborhoods including the location and design of transit stations as central activity centers.
  • takes advantage of high-occupancy vehicle and/or managed lanes in order to bypass traffic-choked freeways.
  • uses signal priority or dedicated lanes at congested intersections.
  • is just as quick as taking the automobile for many of our trips.
  • is more customer-focused than ever before and attention to details like easier boarding, real-time information at stations means that new markets now find transit attractive.

Improvements to existing transit lines, connected with new innovative types of services serving new and different markets, are projected to make major improvements to our region's transportation system and overall quality of life.

Analysis shows more than three times the number of commuters regionwide would choose to use transit during the morning and evening rush hours under the RTV. In dense employment areas like Centre City San Diego, one in three persons would ride transit to get to work. In Kearny Mesa and Sorrento Valley job centers, nearly one in five commuters would choose transit to get to work.

Another potential benefit of the RTV is accessibility. Thirty-seven percent of San Diego residents would be within walking distance to the high-end services under the RTV if it were in place today, compared to seven percent who currently have this access. The benefits to employees are similar; 36 percent would have walking access to the station if the RTV were in place today.

The ability of the RTV to attract such high ridership can help alleviate the daily traffic congestion we experience on our roadways during peak commuter periods. And while no one mode can by itself eliminate traffic congestion, transit can provide a more enjoyable, relaxing, and quick ride to many of our major job and activity centers.

Project Manager

Linda Culp, Principal Planner - Rail
Phone: (619) 699-6957, Email:

For media inquiries, please contact the SANDAG Public Information Office at (619) 699-1950 or

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