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SANDAG Board adopts Regional Plan

10/9/2015 - The SANDAG Board of Directors voted unanimously on October 9, 2015, to adopt the final version of San Diego Forward: The Regional Plan, a sweeping blueprint for the future that will invest $204 bil... Full Story...

Meth use at 15-year high among female arrestees

10/1/2015 - Substance abuse continues to be associated with criminal activity in San Diego County – with around two-thirds of adults arrested found under the influence of at least one illicit drug, and about o... Full Story...

Overall mid-year crime rate relatively stable

9/14/2015 - As of mid-year, the region’s overall crime rate, the violent-crime rate, and the property-crime rate remained relatively stable, down 1 percent respectively, according to a report released by SANDA... Full Story...

SANDAG in the News

6/17/2008 - As a major newsmaker in the San Diego region, SANDAG programs, projects, and perspectives are consistently featured in local, national, and even international media. Links to the articles and/or co... Full Story...