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Marijuana use up among juveniles in San Diego County

8/22/2014 - More than half of the youth booked into Juvenile Hall in San Diego County tested positive for marijuana, the highest rate seen in 14 years, according to a new report released by SANDAG. Fifty-three... Full Story...

SANDAG earns AAA ratings

7/28/2014 - Two national bond rating agencies – Standard & Poor’s and Fitch – have  assigned AAA ratings to $350 million in tax revenue bonds that SANDAG plans to sell this summer to raise money for high-prior... Full Story...

New study details local impact of public safety realignment

2/7/2014 - Due to statewide public safety realignment, 35 percent of all inmates in local detention facilities in San Diego County are offenders with more serious criminal histories who would have previously ... Full Story...

SANDAG in the News

1/1/2008 - As a major newsmaker in the San Diego region, SANDAG programs, projects, and perspectives are consistently featured in local, national, and even international media. Links to the articles and/or co... Full Story...