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Public Health Stakeholders Group

About | Board of Directors | Bylaws & Policies | Committees | History | Work Program & Budget

Public Health Stakeholders Group

The Public Health Stakeholders Group is an advisory group to SANDAG staff created to facilitate collaboration and solicit input and recommendations in implementing Healthy Works projects. This group serves as a unique opportunity for SANDAG to engage a range of professionals from diverging sectors including public health, design, land use and transportation planners, engineers and community stakeholders.

Project Manager(s)

Dan Gallagher, Senior Regional Planner
Phone: (619) 595-5354, Email:

Stephan Vance, Senior Regional Planner
Phone: (619) 699-1924, Email:

Meeting Schedule

The PHSG will convene on a quarterly basis unless otherwise noted through the duration of the Healthy Works program.

Copies of Public Health Stakeholders Group meeting agendas, action notes, and presentations are available via the links below. The agendas and action notes are provided in PDF format. Visit our Help section if you have problems viewing any of these PDF files.

Date Meeting Title            Meeting Materials [a-z] [z-a]
10/15/2015Regular Session            N/A
7/16/2015Regular Session            N/A
6/2/2015Special Session            Audio
5/21/2015Regular Session             Agenda, Audio
1/15/2015Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
10/16/2014Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda, Audio
7/31/2014Regular Session             Minutes, , Agenda, Audio
4/17/2014Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
1/16/2014Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
10/17/2013Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
7/25/2013Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Subcommittee Report, Audio
4/18/2013Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda, Audio
3/15/2013Regular Session             Agenda
1/17/2013Regular Session             Agenda, Public Involvement Plan, Audio
10/25/2012Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
2/9/2012Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes
11/17/2011Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
9/15/2011Regular Session             Minutes, Agenda, Audio
8/18/2011Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
5/19/2011Regular Session             Meeting Summary, Agenda, Audio
2/17/2011Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
11/18/2010Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio
10/14/2010Regular Session             Agenda, Minutes, Audio