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Comprehensive Land Use and Regional Growth Projects

TransNet Smart Growth Incentive Program and Active Transportation Grant Program

The TransNet Extension Ordinance provides funding for two competitive grant programs that support local efforts to increase walking, biking, and transit use throughout the region: the Smart Growth Incentive Program (SGIP) and Active Transportation Grant Program (ATGP). The ATGP also is funded with Transportation Development Act (TDA) funds.

Information on all grant-funded projects to date is available in a summary and as an interactive map at

Project managers can refer to the Grant Resources page for information regarding baseline data collection, communications, signage, logos, grant agreements, agency staff and project managers’ contact information, as well as other general information.

SGIP and ATGP Cycle 4 Call for Projects

On December 15, 2017, the SANDAG Board of Directors released the call for projects for the fourth cycle of funding for the Smart Growth Incentive Program (SGIP) and Active Transportation Grant Program (ATGP) to distribute $27 million in SGIP funds and $3.6 million in ATGP funds. Funds are also available for jurisdictions to develop a Climate Action Plan (CAP) and Complete Streets Policy if they do not currently have these documents adopted.

All documents related to the grant application process are available at Questions on the call for projects can be directed to SANDAG staff listed below.

Smart Growth Incentive Program

The SGIP provides funding for transportation-related infrastructure improvements and planning efforts that support smart growth development in Smart Growth Opportunity Areas as shown on the Smart Growth Concept Map (updated May 2016). The goal is to fund comprehensive public infrastructure projects and planning activities that facilitate compact, mixed-use, transit-oriented development and  increase housing and transportation choices. SANDAG makes available the grant applications of projects funded through the SGIP.

Pilot SGIP | SGIP Cycle 1 | SGIP Cycle 2 | SGIP Cycle 3

Summary of all SGIP projects awarded funds

Active Transportation Grant Program

The goal of the ATGP is to encourage local jurisdictions to plan and build facilities that promote multiple travel choices and increase connectivity to transit, schools, retail centers, parks, work, and other community gathering places. The grant program also encourages local jurisdictions to provide bike parking, education, encouragement, and awareness programs that support pedestrian and bike infrastructure. SANDAG makes available the grant applications of projects funded through the ATGP.

ATGP Cycle 1 | ATGP Cycle 2 | ATGP/ATP Funds Exchange Projects | ATGP Cycle 3

Summary of all ATGP projects awarded funds

Reference Documents for Both Programs

  • SANDAG Smart Growth Concept Map
  • SANDAG Designing for Smart Growth: Creating Great Places in the San Diego Region
  • Planning and Designing for Pedestrians: Model Guidelines for the San Diego Region
  • Design Standards from Riding to 2050: The San Diego Regional Bicycle Plan
  • Active Design Guidelines
  • TransNet Signage Guide
  • National Association of City Transportation Officials Urban Street Design Guide
  • National Association of City Transportation Officials Urban Bikeway Design Guide
  • Caltrans Highway Design Manual (Chapter 1000, Bicycle and Transportation Design)
  • California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
  • Public Rights-of-Way Accessibility Guidelines
  • Integrating Transportation Demand Management into the Planning and Development Process
  • SANDAG Board Policy Nos. 031, 033 and 035
  • TransNet Extension Ordinance
  • 2050 Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Community Strategy
  • Regional Comprehensive Plan
  • Regional Housing Progress Report 2003-2013
  • Project Manager

    Carolina Ilic, Senior Regional Planner
    Phone: (619) 699-1989, Email:

    Tracy Ferchaw, Associate Grant Analyst
    Phone: (619) 699-1977, Email:

    For media inquiries, please contact the SANDAG Public Information Office at (619) 699-1950 or