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Be counted in 2010!

For more than 200 years, the Census Bureau has conducted acensus every ten years to collect population, housing, and socio-economic data from the public.Census 2010

While the U.S. Constitution mandates a Census be held every ten years for thepurposes of Congressional reapportionment and legislative redistricting, the data are used for many other purposes. Most importantly, federal funds are allocated based on the official population counts (e.g., funds for Head Start programs, public transportation, and road rehabilitation and construction). Local jurisdictions use the data to determine where population loss or growth has occurred to better plan for their future. Community-based organizations use Census data to target services and to apply for grants. SANDAG uses Census data to analyze travel and other characteristics of the region’s residents.

The Census also anchors SANDAG current estimates and forecasts, which are used throughout our work program activities and extensively by our member agencies, the public, and others. As such, it is important for every person in the San Diego region to be counted.

The 2010 Census is rapidly approaching. April 1, 2010 is the official Census day even though survey forms are mailed a few weeks before that date. As the Regional Census Data Center, SANDAG has assisted both the Census Bureau and member agencies in preparing for the upcoming census.

Information on the 2010 Census is located here:

Also, the schedule for local events is located here:

If you have questions about the 2010 Census in San Diego County, please contact Kristen Rohanna at (619) 699-6918 or